Open Letter to the women who use the gym facilities at __________

I understand we are here for a common goal. Not to die. So I applaud all dues paying members who walk through the door on a consistent basis to workout. Congratulations! You could be at home watching Friends or I Love New York re-runs with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s…but no…you got up and you came here.


While I respect what you are trying to do…I have but one request. COVER YO ASS PLEASE!!!

Perhaps you are confused. I understand that we pay a premium amount to use the facilities at this well equipped gym. Trust me…I feel your pain. But I believe you are mistaken. This is not your home…so please act accordingly. Chatting with people naked, walking around naked, blow-drying your hair naked, bending over naked, surfing the net while sitting on a bench naked, filing your nails naked, completing a Sudoku naked…you see where I am going with this right?

I know where you are going to take this…and yes…I will admit that I am not in shape like you may be. But please work with me…even if I had washboard abs I would not walk around naked in the locker room talking to my neighbors/workout partner/coworkers. I’m sorry…I just wouldn’t. Regardless of how I blow dry my hair at home…I would at least put a t shirt or towel on when I dry my hair in a communal space. If you get hot…stop and drink water…its not that difficult.

I have almost accepted that some of you think its ok to shower barefoot. Its fine! Your athlete’s foot issues…not mine. But if you please…put something between yourself and the benches that we all share.

The towels are complimentary, feel free to take more than one.



P.S. – I spoke to my male friends…they don’t appreciate the nakedness in their locker rooms as well. Please feel free to pass this letter to the male workout enthusiast in your life. Additionally…please let them know that when there are multiple urinals free…don’t use the one directly next to a person and start a conversation. You all can catch up on your sports talk at another time. Thanks


9 thoughts on “Open Letter to the women who use the gym facilities at __________

  1. If you get hot…stop and drink waterLOLOL!not completing a sudoku naked though?i bet they’re white.

  2. Thats a lot of snow LOL glad im n the dirty

  3. tAnYeTTa says:

    u know what……….i’m done with you! LOL

  4. Rosemarie says:

    Right on! How about we send a few swabs from the benches to the lab. YUCK! Tanyetta sent me here. 😀 This is too good not to pass on in my Blog Carnival #2 post. Email me for a link.

  5. muslimahlocs says:

    maybe this could be appended to the membership rules?

  6. ayankha says:

    LOL!!! I’m not mad at your request. When I was @ Michigan State, it was striking to see everyone doing EVERYTHING naked… I think the open 2-showerheads-on-one-pole room peeled back people’s inhibitions…I still shudder from at the memory of seeing one woman scrubbing her overgrown cooty bush like a maniac rocker playing an electric guitar…I do have one Question though: In your estimation, how many were Black? I go to a gym that is roughly 49% Black, 48% Latino, and 1% White &/or Other and I haven’t seen a single naked person since I joined. Do you think it’s a cultural thing in gyms? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy being nude (ask Sogent ;)~ ) but I think that in a communal space it is a little imposing to let my booty juice marinate on a bench or to widly scrub my cootie cat for all to see.

  7. Ana says:

    Boy did you hit the nail on the head! Lol!I came via Rosemarie’s blog.

  8. Ms Stella says:

    I so feel you on this! On the other hand, I also get ticked off at the overly modest ones who use one of the 4 bathroom stalls in the women’s locker room to get dressed in, leaving those of us who need to “go” doing the pee pee dance.

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