Back at it again

I was talking to my home skillet in Baltimore recently. We are both Cancers (born exactly 2 weeks apart) so perhaps we clicked at Hampton because we are the only ones that understand each others mood swings. 🙂

Anyway…she was complaining about not having anyone who would want to go with her to an Alpha Cab this weekend…that got me to thinking about concerts (probably because I will go to a show alone if I have to!)…so I hopped on Ticketmaster and looked around while on the phone…

The Roots TWO SHOWS ON FRIDAY @ THE APOLLO (wth? I have yet to attend a concert above 59th St)
Chrisette Michele
Raheem DeVaughn

I haven’t been to a concert in forever (well…3 months…but it FEELS like forever) so I get CRAZY excited! Luckily my rational friend was on the phone and calmed me the hell down

Rational Friend: Clu…stop…put the credit card down!
Clu: But why?
RF: How many times have you seen The Roots in the past 12 months?
Clu: err umm…3?
RF: And you saw Bilal when?
Clu: August ::grumbles::
RF: yeah ok…Ima need you to stop. I am going to need you to only see the show of an artist you have never seen before OR if they have dropped a new album since the last time you saw them
Clu: but…
RF: stop it!

Sigh…so I am ONLY going to go see Raheem DeVaughn! I play his new album all the way through AT LEAST twice a day at work…so I must go and pay my respects.

I really didn’t need to go see the Roots or Bilal again did I? poo


5 thoughts on “Back at it again

  1. NY is insane. and so are you! i personally would see the roots as often as possible. they are so live and who knows who’ll come out on stage with them?

  2. Bygbaby says:

    i would love to see the roots & I bet the show kills.i really tried to dig RD new cd but I was not felling it at all. there was one song that i felt (“energy”).bygbaby

  3. Cluizel says:

    Stace – damn Damn DAMN! Now I want to go. poo poo…but I will be good. Ny has concerts…south FL has festivals. :-)Bygbaby – The Roots ALWAYS put on a great show. I love them!

  4. muslimahlocs says:

    ah…memories. i was a huge fan of the roots way back when. and they put on an awesome show. i would have liked to have seen dead prez live before i kicked the habit but oh well…

  5. ayankha says:

    BILAL!!!!!!!! I’ve never seen him live. I think I need to take a trip…

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