Ok…one mo’ gin

So I believe I have been tagged too many times for my previous post to count. lol. SO here we go again. (warning…this one will be rather lame in comparison to the last one)

1. link to the person that tagged you,
2. post the rules on your blog
3. share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
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1. I give the rudest looks to men on public transportation who have no home training. I know its probably not the safest thing in the world but I really don’t care. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times I have been damn near knocked over by a man so he could beat me to an open seat. WTF? Seriously…were you raised in a barn? Man up and stand up punk! Don’t push pass me to get on the subway first and for goodness sake….if you see an elderly or pregnant woman get yo ass up! I can’t even tell you how many times I have been sitting in a sea of men and I was the only one who offered to stand up so the women could sit down.

2. I always eat my salad last. I know its not the best for digestion…but if the food and salad are in front of me at the same time…I am reaching for the food. I guess a warm salad isn’t good but cold food is worse.

3. I regret my last tattoo. It didn’t heal properly so it isn’t uniform. I suppose I could just go back and get it touched up…but I don’t care enough. No one sees it anyway. I am officially done though… Like for real for real this time.

4. I hate my “baby” hair. How old are we? Why is that shit still there? Please explain your purpose. I remember when I was younger people would spend so much time in the mirror with a toothbrush and some gel playing with their baby hair…umm yeah STOP! I never cared then and I really don’t now.

5. I love my dimples. I was slightly annoyed that none of the 5 or 6 dimples I have ended up in the “right” place. Yes yes I know its not anything you can control…but their layout is not even and I have too many. lol. But that makes me special I suppose…or just genetically flawed…whatever.

6. I HATE when people find someone and then automatically are an ass towards their single friends. Yeah…this one has a story. I am sure we are all aware that it is Valentine’s Day…and I am single. I have so many friends in relationships…many people are married or engaged…but there is one person who is just acting a damn fool. See…this time last year his fiance left him and he was all woe is me…women are horrible…I am going to die alone…blah blah blah.

But THIS year…(surprise surprise) he has bounced back and is now in a relationship. Now see…its not like your girl has been whining about Valentine’s Day…I am not screaming “screw the world” and wearing all black. I just don’t feel like being bothered by any of the people I am talking to so I am CHOOSING to lay low today and I have not complained about it…

So now THIS fool has been saying all of this crazy stuff simply because he has someone NOW. I have been nice and let the joking go back and forth because well…I don’t know why. But today he sent me an article and the subject line of the email was “Bitter x2” and it was an article about being single on Valentine’s Day…

Now…Clu tries to be nice…but considering that I haven’t complained, whined or said anything negative about the day…I felt this (along with the other comments) was unnecessary and I felt that I HAD to respond.

Hmmmm…its always so amazing how people automatically forget how whiny, bitch-like and lame they sounded when they were alone and then now that they have found someone they want to call everyone who doesn’t do cartwheels because its Valentine’s day bitter. Be happy that you aren’t in the same place you were last year and grow the f**k up. Because my memory is not short…so I remember the hateful “I hate women” garbage you were spewing less than a year ago.

What does talking shit about single people minding their own damn business do about your situation? Nothing…so quit it and man up. Stay out of my inbox .

Get over yourself

But I mean seriously! If you aren’t being constructive with your comments what is your point…really? And even if he was joking…I doubt he would have liked it if I “jokingly” told him to man up last year when he was stuck with an engagement ring he couldn’t return and bills for a wedding that wasn’t going to happen…I’m just saying πŸ™‚

my gift to everyone…I won’t be tagging anyone πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Ok…one mo’ gin

  1. Meikmeika says:

    WOW!! He had the nerve to act like all is good now that he has someone??? We humans are such strange creatures, we forget the past so quickly… or maybe we’re trying really hard not to remember.I myself am not a big V-Day fan. It’s gotten to a point where it’s like a birthday. My co-worker got her friend a Valentine’s card..huh?! I just don’t get it. The co-workers that got roses delivered to the office did nothing but complain about how the vase wasn’t nice or the roses weren’t as fresh as they could have been or this or that..BOOHOO!!! How can you complain when someone took the time to appreciate you?I’m just happy to be spending time with my man this evening.. He did cook me a mind blowing meal of which I’m extremely appreciative.How’s your cooking been going? I think I need to catch up on some of your posts…..

  2. You ain’t said nothing but the truth in that post right there!!!I am interested to know how he responded though…normally folks like that try to come back with some bullshit like “You too sensitive…”. No it’s more like you are too much of an asshole.Can you tell that struck a nerve??? πŸ™‚

  3. Cluizel says:

    Meikmeika – Hope you enjoyed your evening! Humans are…interesting. But seriously…complaining about the vase?!? Some people are just too much. My homie told me his girfriend instructed that her flowers must be delivered to her office and requested a time frame so everyone could them and drool. Instructing your Valentine? seriously?TIH – Hi! Lol. But when you almost got the rest of the conversation word for word. I deleted the email but (and I knew he would do this!) called me sensitive a few times…he was just playing…but then I actually brought up the whole not calling him a punk last year when his fiance told him “thanks but no thanks” and he wasn’t a fan and dropped it. lol.

  4. your response to his email was soooooo justified and on point. i’m mad he tried your life like that. stay out of my inbox has me rolling!

  5. muslimahlocs says:

    i hope i never need to tell someone to “say out of my inbox” but just in case…i am going to add that one to my file πŸ™‚

  6. n'Drea says:

    Bwoy, yu nuh easy at all, but yu right, especially about #s 1 & 6. Mi nuh business eida. Mi wi gi dem a dutty look to, lol. I know someone who wanted to get married soooo bad, and when she got a man, and then got engaged, became all high and mighty, with her nose up in the air. It was worse when she had her “wedding of the century”, as some people described it. This girl acted like she didn’t even know me and a few others once she got engaged. I couldn’t believe this was the same person that I used to move good with before, and who avoided me like the plague once she got her wish. I mean, what’s up with that kind of attitude?

  7. You eat your salad last? I love how you break the rules – lol…love it, love it, love it!

  8. James Tubman says:

    #6 sucks even guys do this sometimes when they’ve found someone niceif they seem happy with each other i don’t hatei’ll be there when the come crying about how crazy she is

  9. Cluizel says:

    Stace – you know who this is about. your FAMU homie that I should have cut off a LONG time ago.muslimahlocs – lol. Happy to help!n’drea – Whoa! That story is crazy…people are crazy sometimes (well…most times…but whatever :-))DTW – what can I say? I like to live life on the edge! lolJames Tubman – Yeah…hopefully people will grow out of that. Its not a good habit to keep friends. Luckily I am not a friend to say “I told you so”

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