What’s wrong with a little competition?!?

Last year…in an effort to get everyone to at least keep their resolutions for 8 weeks…my gym started a competition called roc.k the sc.ales. I didn’t participate last year because at the time my personal trainer was killing me so I couldn’t wrap my fragile little mind around a “competition”


So yesterday I am completing my lunch time workout and I notice that the last day to sign up for roc.k the sc.ales is quickly approaching….

Hmm…why the hell not? There are prizes and nutrition counseling…and a little “competition” wouldn’t hurt. Well actually a little “competition” would have me in the gym every day shooting dirty looks at people trying to stay on the elliptical machine longer than I am…switching peoples sports drinks with kool-aid made with loads of white sugar…lying about the calorie content of peoples salad dressing. My very own big.gest lo.ser minus the tears and angry trainers…

Ok…I get all excited…my workout is over…as soon as I get back to my cubicle I am signing up online and will begin the most intense 8 weeks at the gym since 2005!!! Yes! This shit is mine! Ha!

And then I read the rules…

Please keep in mind, this is not a competition. Prizes are not awarded based upon who lost the most weight. Instead, each of our members who completes the Rock the Scales 8-Week Challenge and enters their final weight has an equal chance of winning. Good luck.

What the hell kind of 4th grade everyone gets a sticker…you get Pizza Hut even when you lose bullshit is this? Good Luck?!? What for? All you have to do is enter your weight twice (and in all actuality it doesn’t even have to be your real weight because no one checks) and you have an equal chance of winning?!?!

Ummm…yes…I know you should be self-motivated and all of that blah blah blah…but prizes always help jumpstart a cause. Do you think the biggest loser would work so well if the prize just randomly went to anyone who showed up? Umm…yeah no…


sigh…I never thought I would agree with the Republicans and their methods but…in this case a winner take all scenario isn’t a bad look…lets leave the democracy out of weight loss…hmm k?



6 thoughts on “What’s wrong with a little competition?!?

  1. yeah, that’s kinda wack. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE how you wrote, “4th grade everyone gets a sticker…you get Pizza Hut even when you lose…”!!! you went off!!!

  2. NappTown says:

    You are funny. I feel you though. I am on a quest to lose weight too. Hang in there girl! I tagged you. Hope you don’t mind. I am new to the blog world so I am still learning how to situate my page. Still don’t know how to post a link….aaarrrggghhh! Well any way I love your blog. You always have me cracking up! Have a good one. Hope to hear from you

  3. ayankha says:

    sucks… i’d be mad too. interesting post…

  4. Cluizel says:

    Stace – Nah! That shit is wack! what the hell. lol. Torrance – Happy belated v-day! ayanakha – lol. ThanksMeikmeika – 🙂

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