Nicolay update…

If you don’t like dogs…just skip this post

Nicolay got a haircut…

Lazy dog before haircut

Evil dog after haircut…

None of the pics that I took were cute…or showed his face…so you will just have to suffer through my voice if you want to look at the dog. lol.

Blogger note: Nicolay rips up paper in my living room ::sigh:: so no my apartment does not always look like this…AND in the “mean” video I was unpacking…whatever…I’m not neat sue me. lol

In the second video you can hear a TV show playing in the background…any guesses?


6 thoughts on “Nicolay update…

  1. S0uthernGirl says:

    Nicolay is so cute. What did you do to tire him out so much in the first video??? I need to know the secret lol.

  2. n'Drea says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.Poor Nicolay. He looks so pooped in the first video. I felt so sorry for the fella, lol.OMG, in the second video, he reminds me of Ash in a cantankerous mood when he’s demanding attention. LOL.But since Mr. Phonte is so cute, I guess we can overlook the cussing he gave you….and-uh-ahm…the state…of…your…living…room…

  3. Cluizel says:

    Southergurl – not sure…it was either an evening after doggy day care or it was a day i took him for a 2 mile walk. lol. n’drea – lol. My living room looks much better now. :-)Cheleski68 – he is bad!

  4. Babs says:

    Roxie is laying here next to me and woke up from her nap when she heard Nicolay barking. Now she is looking around the room for him!

  5. brunsli says:

    Cello & Chicco enjoyed the video and said woof woof!

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