Sorta…but not quite

Hmmm….so yeah…that set with the soft spikes…

it happened…but not really.

I have every intention of washing and setting my hair earlier last week so the curls would have time to drop and I would be extra-fly by the time I left Friday…

hmmm…yeah…no. I didn’t set my hair until 3pm Friday when I KNEW my ride was coming to get me at 6:30pm. When I took my rollers out naturally my hair was still wet…but it still came out “ok”

And I forgot my camera so the quality of pictures won’t be up to my typical standard…

“But Clu…your hair must still have some curls…why don’t you take pictures now?”

Valid question! But err umm…I washed out my curls Saturday in the shower. lol. I’m sorry…I just wasn’t feeling the set and the way the curls looked.

Blogger’s note: Normally my pics don’t feature so much of my face because…well…you’re not here to see me I guess…you’re here to see my hair…so work with me on this post.

Friday night out…stupid big smile showing my 52 dimples…and curls

Saturday…post wash with a normal human smile.

My earrings got more compliments this weekend than anything else…so I might as well feature them too. lol. The long chain ones (That I LOVE!!!) I bought from a vendor on Lenox Ave in Harlem about a year ago, the blue ish glass ones I picked up at the Philly Lock Conference last October.

The reaction to my hair was funny. lol. Questions and comments trickled in slowly over the weekend. Everyone seemed to like my hair (but what isn’t there to like? lol). Khumura ended my hair on a 6 so that “ack! my hair is a hotmess and too damn thin” freak out I had last retightening didn’t happen…

Hopefully more of my girlfriends will post more pictures soon so I can steal them and put them up so you can see my hair better…

And speaking of my girls…

How do I have such fly friends? lol.
(and 4 of the 8 beautiful ladies pictured are chemical free and 1 is transitioning)


6 thoughts on “Sorta…but not quite

  1. Your earrings are supa fly, real cute! And you have fly friends b/c birds of a feather flock together. Smile!

  2. SistaLocd says:

    Your hair still looks good girl, and those earrings are the bomb!

  3. I LOOOOOOOVE that there’s a whole set of naturally fly natural chicks! We are so beautiful Clu!! I’m taking my kanekelon on RIGHT NOW!

  4. Lakia says:

    Your curls came out great. Yah look like ya had loads of fun. Could you pass me a drink:)

  5. ayankha says:

    cute hair, cute earrings, looks like you all had lots of fun (complete with drinks, of course).

  6. Cluizel says:

    NS – Thanks! :-)Sistalocd – Thank you! My earring collection multiplied when I BC’d and now I just can’t stop. lol.Lakia – sure! lol. I joked with my girls that in most photos some alcohol or the infamous red cups were visible. lol. Ayankha – I did! 🙂 I miss college and my girls.

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