Hitting the pavement…

I accidentally moved from casual Obama supporter to a quasi-activist for one day. lol.

I have been monitoring the Obama website and looking at the events in my area…I have walked past the Harlem headquarters many times…but I still haven’t done anything. Yeah…I would donate here and there and participate in discussions with friends and in the comments of blogs…but I always felt like I should do a little more…

I was just minding my business this morning…grabbing a quick bite…I couldn’t help but notice a group of people with Obama campaign materials. Nosey me lingered near by and realized they were making plans to pass out information and basically plaster my neighborhood.

Seriously…did the campaign just come into my back yard? Can I walk past them and just go home to watch “I Love NY” re-runs and sleep?
Well…I approached them and asked if they needed any help. Next thing I know I am walking up and down the streets handing out information to strangers and talking to them about Barack Obama. Now I talk a good game on my blog but I am NOT a fan of talking to strangers…not my thing…but with the primary a few days away somehow I got over myself and did it.

Now as my legs defrost (it was freezing outside!) a few observations…

-a few people I spoke to weren’t even aware that there was a primary Tuesday (WTF…seriously?)

-for those that did know, most were happy to have the information

-I ran into a few haters…one said he didn’t like Barack because if he got elected “they” would kill him (hmm k) and I also ran into a native Texan who felt the need to tell me they were voting for McCain (thanks?)…but for the most part people either spoke to me or just ignored me

-a LOT of people were not registered to vote (but stop it!)

-some people actually chased us down to get information (the flyers were really good…we had a lot of them in Spanish (which is so necessary in West Harlem) and flyers that were targeted to African Americans)

-there were no other campaign representatives out…which is good…because my neighborhood is filled with solely Obama literature…but that was just strange that there weren’t volunteers from ANY of the other campaigns…

If you don’t want to turn on the news, open a paper, read a blog…fine…I suppose I will have to come to you.

Bloggers note: While I may chose to volunteer from time to time for the campaign…this isn’t going to be a regular thing for me. I may change my mind @ some point…but it was CRAZY uncomfortable for me


14 thoughts on “Hitting the pavement…

  1. muslimahlocs says:

    i registered and voted for obama! i think i was overdue on getting involved. i recently found my receipt from the last time that i registered back in 2003. i am not even sure if i voted back then. i doubt it.

  2. QueenLi says:

    I’m voting this Tue. BTW did you see my MEEZ pic on my Knit Blog? If not, click my name, and you will see who I’m voting for! ;-)Take Care~

  3. Meikmeika says:

    Anytime you’re volunteering your service to inform others on important issues you’re putting yourself out there. And I know it had to be uncomfortable. It’s one thing when you’re discussing politics with your friends and family but another when you’re the target for all types of questions from strangers.. I’m very very impressed and proud that you didn’t let the uneasiness get to you.

  4. Chi-chi says:

    Go ahead on Cluizel! It is tough when people throw shade but isn’t it nice when people tell you that they plan to support Obama?I know how hard it is hard to put yourself out there (let’s just say that I’ve been hung up on several times).Even if you never talk to another stranger again, wearing a button is more than enuf–but beware, people may talk to you because of your button.Holla!Chi(:

  5. WOW – look at you. This is so great to see you doing this. And um – yes – Obama all the way!

  6. Renea says:

    I am so excited to see the Obama campaigners everywhere on the street, the subway…And I glad that you found Latinos so receptive to the info. I am so irked at this attempt to divide blacks and latinos. But I really like political volunteering. I got to meet ol’ Bubba Clinton that way. I keep it gangsta though, I only volunteer to sit indoors or drive folks around.

  7. Renea says:

    And yes you are impatient because I came to tag you!

  8. ayankha says:

    Do the dang thang! Some of those people should have caught a smooth beat down. Maybe that’s the group I need to volunteer for. Just Kidding- I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  9. dewdrop says:

    I voted for Obama too! Your doggies are so cute btw. Guess what you have been tagged! Check out my blog for instructions.

  10. LH says:

    I should become a Clinton volunteer … and round up her supporters … and drive them somewhere far, far away … lock them inside … and leave.

  11. Bygbaby says:

    Wow how cool & so much better that ILNY reruns! Too badd yall let Billary win though.It always trips me out that people are not in the know on hot & national topics. Do they read, have a TV etc. WTF. That whole thing about him getting killed is ra-dic-u-mutha fuckin’-lus. Shit Billary can get hit just s fast if she keeps on pissing niggas off!I think Obama’s campaign slogan needs to be Bro’s Before Hoes 08! I’m bout it.Bygbaby

  12. Amina says:

    Okay, I am one of those non-registered people. I moved here about a year ago, and never registered….sigh, beat me with a club later, I know. I used to work for voter registration in my homestate too. I know better. I will make it happen very soon.

  13. Cluizel says:

    Muslimahlocs – its so cool that Obama…or Hillary’s fake a** tears has people excite to voteQueenLi – I did! :-)Meikmeika – Thanks! It was uncomfortable but I felt like I helped once I was doneChi-chi – The button seems to do it by itself. That usually sparks a conversation whether I want to or notRenea – The media just likes to create devisions. Let the brown people of all backgrouns just chill. lol.Ayankha – lolDewdrop – Thanks!LH – Only you LH! lolBygbaby – LOL. I would wear a “Bros before Hoes 08” t-shirt. lol

  14. Cluizel says:

    Amina – as long as you make it happen thats cool. Thanks for visiting!

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