beating you all to the chase! hahahahahaha

I noticed that a game of tag has started with the Sisterlock bloggers…yall know big girls don’t like to be running around all crazy!!!…so to beat everyone to the chase…I will just share 7 things now

Bloggers note: I have been thinking about just having a random post listing things I have been wanting to share…and I am too impaitent to be tagged (which I am sure I will be) so I am just going to go now…sue me! 🙂

1. I don’t own a microwave! I have the best toaster oven with a convection feature (you can SOOO tell the difference) and that is the absolute best!!! Not only do I not need a microwave anymore…I hardly use my real oven unless whatever I am cooking is too big for my toaster oven. I have a cheap air popper for popcorn and that’s about it

2. I don’t have cable either. Please don’t faint…I know I know…it sounds crazy but its been 6 months and I am fine. I feel like when I have cable I waste a lot of hours watching…well…crap. Now if there is a show I really want to see I usually catch it online. Almost all TV shows have full episodes or some kind of recap on the Internet. And since I had the Internet up and running before my bed was delivered…you know what I deem as most important.

OH! And the cable company that services my neighborhood doesn’t have MTV Jams and VH1Soul…when I did have cable back when I lived in Indiana the TV was usually only on those two channels…and we all know regular MTV and VH1 are all reality show-ed out. If Time Warner gets their collective shit together and adds those two channels…I will probably get cable.

3. My father still does not know that I locked my hair. lol. I probably won’t bring it up or send any pictures either. Not because we aren’t talking or anything…but because I am kind of looking forward to his initial honest reaction when he sees me again. I suppose I will have to go down to SC at some point in the next year or so…that will be a great post. lol.

4. I just found a new cousin! Southern men and outside children/hidden ex wives…these old men really were having too much fun back in their 20s. In November my Dad gave me the contact info to a 33 year old first cousin that has been living in Jersey (yes…the state right next to NY) for my entire life. We have been talking daily and we get along really well.

When we first started talking he was wary of the whole situation at first (naturally) but I told him that I am not that close to my fathers side of the family so I wont be trying to force us to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” just because we share the same last name…we technically were strangers. SO after we warmed up to each other, we have become very close. We still haven’t met each other face to face yet though…that should be soon I hope.

5. I am actually casually dating someone I am really attracted too AND I enjoy talking to/gets my humor/respects/likes me. This really shouldn’t be so surprising…but…yeah it is.

I think everyone has a list (in your mind or written down) of what they would potentially want in a mate…it can be as superficial as you want…but in reality, its not going to (or shouldn’t) make or break a potential mate if they don’t have everything. I typically fall into the “trap” of liking someone for their personality and then the superficial things don’t matter (silly me). Call me crazy but the “I enjoy talking to/gets my humor/respects/likes me” is more important than the long list below.

Height is my physical deal breaker…period. That’s a “need”. But this person just so happens to have many of the physical “wants”…such as:

-250+ (fluffy but healthy)
-HBCU educated (ok…that’s not physical…but its not a deal breaker if they aren’t…but it does make a difference)
-facial hair a la Method Man…ooohhhh…Method Man ::sigh::
-nice teeth
-lips bigger than mine (which isn’t very hard to have lol)
-feet/hands bigger than mine

I usually end up with guys who weigh less and are shorter (but at least as tall as me) than I prefer…but because they are great people it didn’t matter. Even if nothing develops further than what it is now…its nice to know that they are still out there (but don’t get it twisted! I don’t need this one to be the prototype…I am ok with the floor model. lol)

Bloggers note: and that is all we will hear about him.

6. I go back and forth about whether I hate my job or not…this week its ok…last week…OHMIGOODNESS…yall were about to see me on the 6 o’clock news! I suppose its just the stress of year end. I must admit it is cool to be able to thumb through official SEC submitted documents and be able to point out things that I worked on…too bad no one reads the shit…

7. I STILL MISS MY NORTHFACE! That’s some ol’ bullshit…

🙂 Ok…I am done. I am officially un-tag-able!


8 thoughts on “beating you all to the chase! hahahahahaha

  1. James Tubman says:

    don’t feel bad i don’t have cable either i’m so easily brainwashed by televison that i need to restrain from it all together i’m glad things are working out stop by for some advice some time

  2. Cluizel says:

    I will! You have been on point with your last few entries! Thanks for swinging byOh…and I think a 3 minute recap of I love NY via the Internet is best for my IQ

  3. Good post Cluizel! How come the tallest men are always with the shortest women? Have you tnoticed that or is it just me?I have a facial hair thang too. lol!

  4. Cluizel says:

    Notice? Shit…it annoys the hell out of me. lol.”You know you being 6’9 and her being 4’11…you know you look like you pullin an R. Kelly right?”GTFOOH…lol.Thanks!

  5. Goodnapps says:

    Don’t hate the players, hate the game folks. But I’m glad you found someone who meets your criteria. Good luck.

  6. SistaLocd says:

    Girl you lucky cause I was gonna tag your A$$, however I still havent answered my own tag. I guess I will have to do that soon!No microwave? Thats really hard to believe, you better than me!

  7. ayankha says:

    I’m loving the reqs… and yes I am one of those petite women (5′ 1.5″ and holding) who loves larger men…muwahahaha!

  8. Bygbaby says:

    uh ohh, you sound geeked about your boo! Sounds like we may be double dating & dining on Negro fixin’s!!!Bygbaby

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