Clu tried an African dance class…

…and almost died on the damn floor!

Did I mention that I pay almost $80 a month for my gym membership with my employee discount? Have I mentioned that they have at least 50 locations in Manhattan? Have I mentioned that one of them is in the same building as my job? Did I also fail to mention that there is another one within walking distance of my apartment?

Yeah…so clearly my ONLY excuse is laziness…

So for almost a YEAR now one of my girls has been trying to get me to come to an African dance class at the location in my office building…so for some reason on Friday I decided to FINALLY go.

I think I should mention that my friend who has been trying to get me to come to class is a die hard vegan (how did I befriend so many vegans?) and runs about 6 miles everyday before I wake up…so I should have known better!

This class was no damn joke!!! Ha ha hell! It was not a game…we were running up and down the floor shaking and gyrating to the beat…It was like a dancing relay race. lol. I was the only new student in the class and my friend told me before class that the instructor usually dumbs down the class so the new people won’t feel lost. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT…stupid competitive me worked my ass off so I wouldn’t be the silly new girl being left behind. I suppose after the instructor saw I could keep up he just decided to be a beast…dumbed down the class was not!

Usually I enjoy classes every once in a while to mix things up…but the studio at this gym has mirrors EVERYWHERE…like no…there is nowhere you can stand and not stare at yourself…not a good look for your girl Clu! Call is narcissism, vanity, insecurity…whatever floats you boat…but instead of paying attention to the instructor I am too busy watching my hair bounce as I rhythmically shake my hips…

so sad…

So when I wasn’t staring at myself in the mirror…I did pretty damn good. People in the class even took notice that I pushed through and were grateful that their workout wasn’t sacrificed by an off rhythm new girl…I even received they “Yeah big girl! Keep going…don’t eat that biscuit!” thumbs up from a few of the class participants.

Bloggers note: Normally I HATE those looks (some of you know what I mean)…but I really couldn’t breathe so I could only muster a smirk that must have been interpreted as a smile rather than the “fcuk you! I’m getting a biscuit after class!!!” face I was aiming for

So after I picked myself up off the floor after the 55 minutes of torture had ended…I was pretty proud of myself and resolved to make this my new after work “thing” once a week


10 thoughts on “Clu tried an African dance class…

  1. QueenLi says:

    LOL!!!!!! Don’t over do any type of physical activity! It’a almost 2am, and I’m tired, but can’t sleep… Take Care~

  2. ha ha hell!!get it boo!i’m so done with yoga. too much sweating.

  3. Lakia says:

    I’m going to take Afrinan Dance in March. It is so intense.

  4. SistaLocd says:

    LMAO girl you are so funny. The class sounds fun! I miss dancing. My mom put me in dance(without asking) when I was younger, but I ended up loving it, then she took me out. I was like WTF? Anyhow after reading your blog I totaly forgot that there are dance classes still offered for even older people so I might have to do some research. It’s something to do when I get bored with my regular workouts! I say you should stick to it and have fun!

  5. Quietspirit says:

    LOL! what a post. When I used to go to the gym I invited a life-long friend to join me for an aerobics class. She always went to the dance classes on the other side. She told me afterwards that the my class kicked her butt. But I knew I would never survive her one of her dance classes. Too bad I never got the chance to find out first hand, but now I know!

  6. LOL!You are too funny. I am glad you enjoyed it for the most part. I think no exercise class should have mirrors. It’s just a distraction.

  7. u fake LOL quasi activist – do whats in your heart and i ca get down with tat. way to go

  8. ayankha says:

    Yeah- Afrikan dance is no joke. I’ve never been to a class taught by a man- interesting. My sis in NJ used to teach it and is really good. so when i started, i was EXHAUSTED. I haven’t done it in about 2 years and kinda miss it. Please email the the name/loc of the place- I think my sis would love to participate.

  9. Bygbaby says:

    Work it out boo!!! So are you going again tonight???Also, happy to see that you are posting more!Bygbaby

  10. Samara Leigh says:

    LOL. I thought I was the only one that was competitive in dance/exercise classes. (Nearly fell over trying TOO hard in a yoga class.)Sounds like it was LOTS of exercise and great fun.

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