this won’t become a frequent occurence…

because I suppose since this started as a niche blog…that is where it will stay.

I briefly mentioned my “ex” on this blog before. Well…that fool got married in August and we have only spoken on the phone twice since. Anyway…I was out Friday with some friends and I felt my phone vibrating and surprise surprise…it was him…I didn’t pick up

*Bloggers note: now this is where the story ended for my friends who I mentioned this to. They all naturally assumed that I ignored the phone call and went on about my night/weekend and never returned his call…(ha ha ha)

So…Saturday (?) I call him back…no answer…then he calls me back on Sunday. We then proceed to have the most uncomfortable conversation ever in life. You would think we haven’t know each other for over 13 years.

Eventually the conversation picked up…nothing too deep of course…and somehow he said

“Its good you have a dog…if you had a cat you might become an old cat woman”

Now…I can be dramatic…but I was insulted! Seriously…you’re off married (to someone who overlapped our “relationship” I might add) and you are jokingly talking about me being a cat lady? Seriously?

Now I know some of yall will be optimistic…but I doubt he was referring to me turning into this…

We all know he meant this…

Lesson learned: don’t pick up the damn phone

::breathe in…breathe out:: Sigh….now that this is off my chest I feel better. I was really annoyed by this…I know it was small and petty and it shouldn’t bother me…but it did.

On a hair related note! (I can always find a place for my locks in a post…lol) this fool was the one who told me that he didn’t like my locks – he was actually the subject of a post… when I first BC’d…now via pictures (Facebook and such) he told me he really likes my hair now that I have length…umm…thanks?

LUCKILY…”Brooklyn” was not my last date. lol.

Now that…on top of the story above…would just sound so pitiful and sad! Yall would start sending me “hang in there” monkeys and flower baskets and such (lol…jk)

Personally, I really feel like I should keep my mouth shut about the guys I am dating until they screw up or become serious…like if I talk about it too much somehow it won’t work out…so I will keep my mouth shut 🙂

And just because I am back in a good mood and I feel like being a dick…

LMAO…I hope you didn’t waste four minutes of your life watching that. 🙂

Bloggers note: only one person that knows me BC (before “Clu”) reads my blog (Hi Stace!!! KQ!!!)…I really don’t mention my blog to my friends because well…I just dont 🙂 If this person happens the surf the net one day and somehow finds this post…I will deny this is my blog until the end of time. Yes…my face is ALL over this blog and my real name is all up in the archives…I don’t care! I will deny that this is my blog with a straight face until they get tired of asking…that is all. 🙂


4 thoughts on “this won’t become a frequent occurence…

  1. LOL – pick up the phone…you must didn’t see one last call – lol

  2. SistaLocd says:

    Okay so maybe I waisted 30 seconds! I was curious to see what it was! That is a throwback for real. Your EX is trippin! Why he calling you anyway? Well I ahve a n idea but hey maybe he really wants to be your friend! lol Have a good one!

  3. i can’t stand you for posting that video.why is he rocking a falcons jerz? isn’t hammer from cali?omg, i hate 90s music right now!

  4. Bygbaby says:

    If he is married, then why is he calling his old boo. Looks like he wants to hook up!!!LOL on the cat lady piece, that was classic.Bygbaby

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