19 months and hair growth…

Just a quick comparison…I took some pics from last year around this time…and some today (sorry…not feeling photogenic today…thank goodness for the dog)

Hopefully I won’t have to point out which pictures are which…lol…but the ones on the top are from January/Decemberish last year and the ones on the bottom are from today.

I figure since it will be 19 months locked on Friday I should have a comparison…and there isn’t much else happening with my hair

do I feel a lapse in posting coming on? lol

For the life of me…I would have NEVER believed that my hair could grow so much in the span of the year! I looked at one picture from last January (never posted and I NEVER will…lol)…why didn’t yall tell me I looked like a boy?!? lmao

and I thought you were my peoples…

j/k 🙂


19 thoughts on “19 months and hair growth…

  1. Goodnapps says:

    Those growth pills have kicked in something terrible. Congrats.

  2. SistaLocd says:

    Girl you are so silly! You keep me laughing! Anyhow on the hair front your locks look good and they have really grown. I love looking at comparison shots. Have a good one!

  3. QueenLi says:

    I see you got my last message and posted some more pics!Yeah, I know, who am I to talk about posting more pics, when I won’t have more until the spring! {Don’t cha just love the 3 month waiting period?} :)Take Care~P.S. you don’t look like a boy!

  4. Meikmeika says:

    First off, you don’t look like a boy! You are too funny!!!Your growth spurt has definitely kicked in!

  5. Cluizel,long time……..Wow I can not believe how much they have grown….I mean your SLs have literally transformed right before my eyes. I remember when you BC’d. I was so inpired i did the same and still have no regrets whatsoever…Keep locin”

  6. dc_speaks says:

    your locks look nice…you dont look like a dude.thanks for stopping by the other day. i appreciate the comment.laters,

  7. Hi cluzel,Your are so funny, your locks are fabulous and the growth is so good.Its really such a pleasure to watch our natural hair grow to any lenght we want(no true)

  8. CarmenNC says:

    I’m will be starting my second set tomorrow. YES!!! I came back to get your size. I think I’ll get all medium ones. I’m so glad you posted your info on the side bar. Wish me luck.

  9. kisha says:

    Your hair looks so good! I can’t wait until mine starts to settle and grow to that length. Very pretty!

  10. Cluizel says:

    Goodnapps – Thanks! Hopefully this will keep up!Sistalocd – Thanks! You too! How’s the baby?QueenLi – lol…I did. And if you saw the pic I refused to post you’d be like “who’s that tall boy with hips?” lol…probably not…nevermind…yall know I am dramatic!Meikmeika – just trying to catch up to you! lolNTG – Awwww…thanks!how are the combined locks? pics? :-)dc_speaks – thanks for visiting! :-)ja stu – I know! Isn’t it crazy! Once my hair reaches my back I may just lose my mind because my hair has NEVER been that long in lifeCarmen – good luck! just trying to make the blog more useful…hopefully I will add more stuff in timeLH – Why thank you sir!Happiest Nappy – Thanks!Kisha – Thanks! Your locks will be there before you know it!

  11. wow look at u. I am growing my hair out but I’m not sure if I will continue. This is really a lot of work.

  12. Your hair did grow a whole lot! wow! And you have never looked like a boy.

  13. Renea says:

    I liked it short and it looks really good now too.

  14. James Tubman says:

    you don’t look like a boy lolyou are very prettyan your locks are pretty as well

  15. SistaLocd says:

    The baby is good, the kids are no longer driving me crazy! lol It has become a part of life!

  16. Sez says:

    Your hair is so cute and it frames your face too. Cute dogg too.

  17. Cluizel says:

    DTW – Awwww…I saw your post when you mentioned that…you readers have very strong opinions about locks. lol. Thanks!NS – gracias homie!Renea – thanks! I am glad I listened to you and everyone else who advised me against combining my locksJames Tubman – Awww…see now you are going to make me blush! Thank you!Sistalocd – awww…babies! I love other people’s kids. lolSez – Thanks for visiting! Nicolay Phonte and I thank you 🙂

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