200th post!

Whoo hoo! YEAH! ::confetti flying:: fanfare and all of that good stuff. lol. Who knew I would actually only semi-neglect my blog over the past year and a half and actually post sometimes! ::pats self on back::

How fitting that my 200th post showcases my lack of domestic skills…lol

So…in efforts to not perish at age 35 I have been trying to make healthier choices when it comes to what I put into my mouth. (ick…dirty mind!!! get it out the gutter! lol) I have technically still been eating like a college student on a grown up budget…which is not only expensive as all get out…but un-healthy.

Ok! So the ultimate goal is to cut out red meat this year…BABY STEPS PEOPLE…so I ordered a cookbook from Dr. Afrika’s website entitled “The Crossover Diet”

Please ask me how long I have had this book in my possession….
6 months. When was the first time I attempted to actually cook something from it?
Thursday. lol.

So I thumb through the book and decide my first meal will be Salmon-Tuna cakes, honey glazed carrots and sauteed spinach…sounds easy enough right?

Until you take my simple behind to the grocery store! My mother would be so ashamed if I told her I spent 20 minutes in an aisle staring at the spices like a confused child. I felt so helpless and alone! I didn’t know where ANYTHING was anymore. Like not at all. I spent my ENTIRE lunch hour looking for MAYBE 10 items ::sigh::

The cooking of the food? Oh I was good! Cooking is a non-issue…the food was fabulous! But the trip to the grocery store reminded me how domestically inept I truly am…

I am going to try and cook a chicken dish this weekend with some sides from the book. So if you are in the NYC area and you happen to see a tall locked woman walking around a grocery store like she lost her best friend…feel free to take her by the hand and show her where the paprika is…


8 thoughts on “200th post!

  1. Goodnapps says:

    oh that recipe sound yum yum yummy. I might even try to give it a go myself.

  2. LMAO!!At least you know how to cook ONCE you get the ingredients together!!

  3. James Tubman says:

    i am very impressed that you even know something about dr. afrika i’ve actually wanted to get that book too it sounds like it has a lot of good stuff in theregood luck 🙂

  4. Cluizel says:

    Goodnapps – It was good! 🙂 It was interetsing having food that tasted good and it wasn’t bad for me. :-)Stace – I’m a mess right? lolJames Tubman – This receipe book is really good. It seems to be a good middle ground to transition from the fast food lifestyle to a healthier one. I found out about Dr. Afrika by accident two years ago when I picked up his book “African Holistic Health”…then I read “Nutricide” this summer. I understand everything he is talking about…but I suppose old habits die hard.Thanks! Hopefully these receipes will help

  5. Meikmeika says:

    ROTFL!!!! Happy to hear your dish came out wonderfully. I’d take having a hard time finding spices over not knowing how to cook any day. And sometimes the spice aisle can be complicated anyways, different brands carry different spices and depending on how they shelf them you can be their for a while..Great job on working towards a healthier diet!!! And just think of all the money you’ll save..

  6. Quietspirit says:

    LOL Yes grocery stores can be intimidating but the more often you go the better it will get. Spices are usually in the baking supplies isle. They are usually arranged in alphabetical order with McCormicks and store brands interspersed. The fancier brands are often by themselves. The easiet thing to do is to go to a spice shop give them your list of spices and let them fill it.

  7. lh says:

    A friend told me about the book. Based on what you’ve written here it sounds like I’m going to have to pick it up.

  8. Cluizel says:

    Meikmeika – its so crazy but I can see the difference already! To think of all the money I wasted. ick. I’ll have to remember to take pics. lolQuietspirit – Thanks! I need all the help I can get. lol.LH – Its a really good book! The food is healthy but everything is seasoned very well so you don’t feel like you are eating cardboard. 🙂

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