The Randomness – an update

I am the worse type of blogger out there…the lazy kind!

So in typical Clu fashion…lots of blogable things have happened…I am just too tired after balancing journal entries and compiling footnotes to blog when I come home. But…there are some things I should mention…so here are some highlights…

* The thing that stands out the most is the loss of my treasured North Face. No…I didn’t just get it…actually it was 10 years old. I remember when I got it…10th grade…a trip to 125th St with my older brother. I bought my treasured North Face and some black Air Max 95’s and I felt so fly. (Clearly, I was/am SO not a “girly girl”) The sneakers went away years ago…but the coat stayed around. There were so many memories attached to that coat. I mean come on! high school…college…Indiana…back to NY…wow. And it didn’t look like a 10 year old coat…and it wasn’t even in my rotation like that anymore…IT WAS STILL MY DAMN COAT!

So…in an effort to get out more and get back to my super volunteer ways (when I lived in Indiana I was a Big Sister with BBBS, I was a volunteer with Junior Achievement, a tutor with an after school program, I helped with a few Habitat for Humanity builds and whenever there was a company sponsored United Way program I was usually there) so…for the past few major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s) I was usually at a church somewhere feeding the needy and such. So at the Christmas event…my North Face accidentally became friends with some needy person and decided it didn’t want to come home with me.

When I tell you my feelings were so hurt when I realized it was gone…OHMIGOODNESS. I had to leave the main room for a while and go wrap presents downstairs because every time I saw a black bubble coat my little heart would skip a beat. Plus…every time I came back into the main room people would ask me if I found my coat…my answer was always no…and I started to tear up. I’m not ashamed…I was a mess. lol. I teared up a few times that day thinking about my coat. The only thing that really made me feel better was that the people we were there to serve were helping to look for my coat and offering the coats they had chosen from clothes available for distribution. I was touched that they were willing to give me a coat they picked out for themselves so I could get home warmly…


*I had some uninvited house guests for a while. Now…if you are not Nicolay or you are not paying rent…Ima need you to not enter my apartment. Sigh…mice.

Luckily I found their entrance point…which wasn’t very hard because my apartment was renovated before I moved in…so its just like new…so the problem is gone. But when I tell you that was the most un nerving few weeks of my life! UGH! I grew up in a house outside of NYC…I am not built for this type of SHIT!

Before I found their entrance I tried everything to get rid of them…the one thing that worked like a charm was the Rat Zapper. Yes…this thing electrocutes the damn mice! You don’t have to see them…and a nice little light flashed when it has made a kill. But…one time I was in the living room and I heard it go off…AHHHHHH!!! WTF?!? I mean its not like you can hear the mouse scream or anything (lol) but its just knowing that a mouse is being electrocuted bothered me.

Thank goodness for steel wool…

*One of my homies is having a big 26th birthday party next month in Philly. Now…this girl is the best at keeping in contact with everyone and befriends damn near anyone so people are coming in from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, CT and of course NY to celebrate her birthday. It will be like a mini Hampton Homecoming…lol

So for a lot of people, this will be the first time seeing my locks since I haven’t been back to Hampton since fall 2005. So this will be interesting. I am crazy excited though!

*And on a similar note…I thought everyone was being extra when they said everyone was pairing off at 25…it is not a lie nor is it a myth! WTH? Everyone seems to be paired off…which is great for them if they are happy and all…but…bleh.

Like for my friends birthday..I COULD get a ride to Philly with one of the many people driving from NY…but everyone driving over is bringing their SO. So…for my sanity I will GLADLY spend the money for the train rather than than sit in the backseat and listen to my once sane friend debate with their mate about who “wubs” the other more


*Nicolay almost died last night. 😦 He chocked on a treat and I had absolutely no idea what to do…luckily I stuck my finger down his throat (ugh!) to dislodge the treat and he is still alive to bark at me at 3am

Oh…I haven’t been to any concerts since October (I AM GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWAL) and the men I have been dating show their a** very quickly so there is no one worth mentioning…maybe one day I will share a story or two about these weirdos…but this post is long enough…

I WANT MY DAMN COAT BACK! fyiI am not that damn big! lol. I was in London for vacation (NYE 06) and I had my big purse underneath my coat on top of my tummy with all of my small tourist goodies! Yes the coat wasn’t the most flattering, in style, or work appropriate but it had memories. 😦

Oh! And me in high school…acting a damn fool with my butt on an Expedition (lol..don’t ask) my coat was there…

Hopefully you are out there keeping someone warm who can’t afford a good coat my darling coat…and not being exchanged on some seedy street in the Bronx for crack rock. lol.

ok…I think I am ok now… 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Randomness – an update

  1. Meikmeika says:

    Aaawww… I’m so sorry to hear about your coat but you did have some wonderful times in it. The best way to look at it is, hopefully the person who took it really needed it.OMG! Nicolay almost died?! Thankfully you were able to save him! I don’t know what I would have done if my cat was choking.I’m looking forward to reading about the “weirdo” experiences you’re having.

  2. Lola Gets says:

    I was trying to leave a comment on your Tyra post, but couldnt figure out how. I caught the clip on BygBabys blog AND while I was home this morning…I saw the actual show! But, I didnt see you, sowwy. Im sorry girl, but I dont like Hillary right now, and I was NOT about to pay rapt attention to any show featuring her. And it didnt seem like they looked at the audience much, either. But perhaps that was just me. But congrats on getting TV time!Im being featured in a Wash Post article in a few weeks, so come by my blog and check out that post!L

  3. awww. i remember the ‘face. that sucks sooooo much!

  4. Cluizel says:

    Meikmeika – I am still a little salty about my coat…but I will be a big girl and get over it. But Nicolay almost dying! I was so not ready for that…my poor puppy. Lola – Thanks! I will!Stace – :-(…damn Damn DAMN James!!!

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