Breathing Room

So after working 10 days straight (I am SOOO not built for foolishness like this) to close the books…I am so ready for the weekend!!!

NOTE: I really need to stop second guessing myself and just post whatever I type first. bleck. I deleted my original post because I kept figuring “no one is gonna give a shit about the details!” and now I am too lazy to start over… ::sigh::

It is raining in NYC so…I will probably curl up on my couch with Mr. NP tonight and just relax. I specifically didn’t make plans that involved people this weekend because…well…sometimes you just feel like being left alone. 🙂

Besides the normal housekeeping and catching up on sleep, I decided to have a few solo outings…
*The Great Debaters* – I am CRAZY late, but with my work schedule before year end and the last few days I probably would have fallen asleep in the theatre if I had gone…and (cheap knee grow alert) movies are $6 (vs. the typical $11.50 or $12.75) if you go before noon on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Since I will just dip in and out by myself…the time of day I see it doesn’t matter. 🙂

*American Museum of Natural History* – Just because! A few weeks ago and friend and I went to the Whitney to see an exhibit by Kara Walker. Something told me to ask if there was an employee discount for my company…turns out my friend and I got to go in for free (SCORE!) silly me…I forgot I can get into most of the NYC museums for free. So…this weekend I am going to go to the AMNH because it is on the Upper West Side so it will be easier to get to when I am feeling lazy tomorrow afternoon…and its free with my employee ID.

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I am going to go back to see the Kara Walker exhibit next weekend with another friend. Why? Because I can. 🙂 and its good to support black art in all forms. I was actually VERY shocked to see her pieces in the venue it was in…I didn’t expect the masses to be so open to such “inyoface” art…but I stand corrected.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Breathing Room


  2. If I was in NYC – I’d totally go with you to see the movie. I still haven’t seen it – and yea, kudos on the new page.

  3. Cluizel says:

    @Stace – Gracias home skillet!@DTW – Awwww…thanks! when yu moving back? and gracias

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