I never thought I would be saying this…

I am not a huge fan of my locksnow that they have condensed…

Not going to do anything crazy…I am in this for the long haul…but…I didn’t expect them to be so damn thin!!!

Maybe because I am freshly retightened…but I really didn’t want them this damn small! I don’t enjoy people complimenting my “braids” or “twists”…that is SO not what I was expecting/hoping for.

Hopefully this will pass…or my locks will magically plump up again (not likely) but I am currently not a fan…

Nope…no sir I don’t like it
Hopefully it will grow on me…right?
Off topic: Isn’t that a great pic of Nicolay!!! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Bleck

  1. Goodnapps says:

    I guess it never fails, the right side says their locks are too big and the left says their locks aren’t big enough.I do hope you grow to like them. But if not, I believe the process to go bigger is a bit easier than trying to go smaller.

  2. QueenLi says:

    IA with GoodNapps! based on your pics, I like ’em. In the end though, it is Your Hair and if you are in the need of a hat…. {I have 10 crocheted hats that I’ve made, ready-to-go for the low-low.} ;)Take Care, and HaPpY nEw YeAr!

  3. SistaLocd says:

    I think your locks look fabulous but hey thats just my opinion. Hopefully you will get over this and fall back in love with your Sisterlocks.

  4. brunsli says:

    I think your locks look great too, but if they are too small for you, you can combine them. I combined 3 locks into one by braiding and securing the end. It didn’t look as neat as the others, but the new growth that grew out from it is perfect. But, I’m too chicken to do them all.

  5. Meikmeika says:

    What?! I Love your locks and yours look quite thick to me…. I just love the pics and Nicolay looks so cute! My locks do seem a bit thinner when freshly retightened but I prefer the appearance of my locks after a couple weeks of being retightened cause no scalp is showing. I also notice when I wash my hair they seem to plump up more, atleast in my eyes they do, and that’s all that matters right?I’m hoping it’s a phase and you will get back to liking your hair..

  6. Lakia says:

    Your locks are so beautiful…I am pretty sure they will grow on you.

  7. sunsail says:

    Oh Michelle, be quiet. Your locks are perfect and beautiful. Ok, well, I’m not one to admonish you, since I’ve just started liking my locks… but really. After a retight, the roots ARE all skimpy and new looking… it’ll plump up, you’ll see.Hmm. Wasn’t Khumura trying to convince you to combine some locks a while back? Maybe she could see your unhappiness coming… 😦

  8. Chi-chi says:

    Hey girl,My locs tend to look skinnier after a retightening too. It may just be a loc phase. One thing that kept my locs from getting small was to avoid braiding my locs after washing them. I just let them plump out for a while.Personally I love your locs and their uniformity. To me your hair is beautiful!Happy New year!Chi-chi

  9. Your locs look fantastic! And I think that it looks thinner because you just retightened them. On the other hand, bigger locs are less maintenance. I think they are fab as they are.

  10. Your locks look wonderful….I wish mine looked like yours…I know I have good and bad days with mine but this to shall come to pass!!!

  11. Maryee says:

    I think they sometimes have thin, plump stages. Nevertheless, your locks look great!!!!

  12. They’re nice – I like them…you’re actually inspiring me…keep it up.

  13. Jena Evans says:

    Your locs looks wonderful and healthy and beautiful… I understand “not being a fan,” too. There were days when I went through that…Thanks for sharing and expressing your feelings. I know it helps.Blessings~

  14. I love locks. I’ve never had the courage to do it myself, but my brother has now grown his down to around his hip bone. Great Blog!

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