17 months!

First time in a LONG time I actually realized it was my lockaversary on the actual day! Wow…

Actually I thought about it as I was just washing my hair for the first time in ::cough cough:: weeks…and I figured I might as well take some pics.

Hopefully this post is well-timed (talking to you Stace! stay out of the black hair care aisle near the relaxers!) :-p
I am still waiting for the day when I can actually pull my hair in front of my face and I can examine a lock…that will probably be at least another year or two…but I would like to see my own hair for myself sometime. 🙂

11 thoughts on “17 months!

  1. QueenLi says:

    Nice, very Nice! 🙂 I don’t know “When” I’ll post new pics, but hopefully, sometime this winter ’08. I have made a few new blog entries though. Your mom looks great too, and the pups are too cute. Take care~

  2. muslimahlocs says:

    “i like her hair”, “i think it’s very pretty” from HMC (i promise, she really said that)

  3. sunsail says:

    WOW!!! your hair growth is phenomenal!*tugs on lock, trying to look at it without going cross-eyed*hmmm. nope, don’t think i’m there yet, either.

  4. Meikmeika says:

    I almost hurt myself trying to see if I had lint in a lock.. Still got to wait a while on that one. Your hair is growing so nicely! So full and thick! I say you’ll be able to pull a lock to look at it in six more months cause your hair is growing fast.

  5. Goodnapps says:

    You’ve definitely been taking the growth hormones. Looking good my dear. You must be doing something right.

  6. SistaLocd says:

    Your locks look great! As you are another person whose locks I envy lol. Those are great pics of your locks. I still have trouble with texture shots. I bascially gave up.

  7. Your locks are getting ridiculously long in such a short time. Looks fabulous!

  8. alright, alright already!! LoLno relaxers for me although, I buy every conditioner I think will do something different…your hair is amazing!

  9. Aya says:

    Your locks looks so nice and healthy. Just love em.

  10. Maryee says:

    I love after shampoo pics. They stretch the hair out nicely! Coool!

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