Sad ponytail attempt…

muslimahlocs said…
500? really. the pictures really don’t show how much hair you must really have. they look great anyway!
05 November, 2007 23:47

Hmmm…I never thought my pictures captured all of my hair…maybe if I use something that everyone is familiar with to show how much hair I have…hmmm

Brunsli hair tie!

My hair is still not ponytail length…but I figured I would show my ponytail attempts.

I can’t wait until I can wear my hairties!!! I don’t know if these pics help. But the hair that is long enough fills up the Solange (?) hair tie

Oh…and with all of this talk of combining I decided to take a comparison shot (Thanks for the idea Naturally Sophia…yeah, I’m a copycat)

I guess that’s “standard” size for Sisterlocks?!? So if I were to combine my locks they would be the size of a pen? Hmmm…yeah no…I’m ok where I am. I think I just have a lot of hair regardless of how many locks I have

(I always have an influx of posts and then I disappear…I need to work on that)


8 thoughts on “Sad ponytail attempt…

  1. muslimahlocs says:

    now those are some great hair pics! you have ooodles of volume. i almost feel sorry for your consultant. it would take about 4-5 of my locks to equal the size of a pen. i may have to count them again one day.

  2. i can’t beleive how thin that is! they look so much thicker; i def wouldn’t combine either…

  3. Mine are so thin. Most of mine are smaller than a toothpick. I like the volume you have. You definitely have thick hair.

  4. Goodnapps says:

    I’m familiar with how looks can be so deceiving. But you are definitetly getting there with that pony length.

  5. Bygbaby says:

    you will be there in no time. Hang in there. And when the time comes, you may be like I need a hair cut. That is where I am now.Bygbaby

  6. brunsli says:

    Your hair looks great! You do have a lot of hair. Do you wear it in a half updo now? That’s my new favorite thing.As for your length, Carusos would be perfect right now. Oh wait, putting your hair on rollers is not really your thing, is it?

  7. Cluizel says:

    Muslimahlocs – Thanks. Everytime I get my hair done Khumura tells me I have more hair than a human needs. lol. I tend to agreeStace – Yeah I know! I am surprised by how thick my locks look in pics sometimes. I should have done this a while agoNS – I was trying to find a toothpick to do that shot too…pooGoodnapps – Thanks. I have been using your blog as a guide…so I should be pony tail ready by year 2 maybe?Byg – cut your hair?!? really?Brunsli – Sure don’t! lol. Maybe I will start doing it when I go out. Oh…and that was the first time I ever even tried the partial ponytail…I suppose I can add it to my lineup so I can FINALLY start wearing my hair ties

  8. Bygbaby says:

    not all, just down. I ma seeing my consultant tomorrow….

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