Quick Comparison…

Long overdue because I said I would do this for the 1 yr anniversary of my BC (sometime in September)

I tried to find pics I had never posted before…which wasn’t hard because vanity usually stops me from posting my face shots…and then weeks later I always look at them and I can never find what was so wrong with them in the first place. lol. So here they are!

1. (wearing green) January 2007
2. (wearing light blue) April 2007
3. (yellow) August 2007
4. (grey) November 2007

OH! So my hair did grow! lol. I was so disillusioned earlier this year when I didn’t think my hair was that short. 🙂 I do miss my lock-fro sometimes!


9 thoughts on “Quick Comparison…

  1. muslimahlocs says:

    you get the “P” for “Personality” award.

  2. damn you Clu. when i get up the nerve to throw some chemicals on my head, i see your awesome pics!

  3. sunsail says:

    aaaah, how beautiful!!! even better in person.I will never have hair like yours, but I’m embracing the bunching and the slippage. BUNCHERS AND SLIPPERS UNITE!!!!! Ok, that came out wrong… but u get my point.

  4. Lakia says:

    I definitely see the progression. Beeautiful hair

  5. Nice. You’re hair definitely grew. I miss my loose hair half-fro sometimes too. I have to do a post about bunching and slipping- that’a my story too Sunsail. United we stand. lol!

  6. Aya says:

    Growth? Definitely!! Just love the progress of your locks.

  7. brunsli says:

    Your hair has grown a lot!How funny. I posted a photo of me sticking my tongue out today.

  8. I’m loving pic #1!!! You’re looking good in that pic.

  9. Such good comparison shots…Yes, your hair is really growing and it is looking good on you!!!:)

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