Hair @…how many months is it?

Is someone over their hair? Yup…that would be me. I was going to wait until I reached a year and a half at the end of December to post new pics…but whatever. I spent 5 hours with Khumura yesterday so I figured I might as well post some pics.

Khumura keeps hinting that perhaps I should consider combining my locks…hmm…not so sure about that. 500+ locks is a lot…and I will probably never retighten my own hair because I have so much of it…but that is the price I am willing to pay. Whenever I mention combining to anyone else they literally scream “NO!” lol. 5 hours every 8 weeks isn’t such a huge sacrifice for me to dedicate to my hair.

I do have a lot of hair…

Ok…16 months (I counted on my fingers…lol) no complaints…


9 thoughts on “Hair @…how many months is it?

  1. Gorgeous! I love how thick your hair is. People have been telling me to combine my locs ever since the Philly Conference. And only 5 hours every 8 weeks. My hair is 5 hours every 4 weeks. No fair! Only kidding. You look great.

  2. Goodnapps says:

    Very very cute. Combining?? WTF!

  3. muslimahlocs says:

    500? really. the pictures really don’t show how much hair you must really have. they look great anyway!

  4. please don’t combine! you have the perfect number on your head! 5 hours? big whoop. that could easily be spent in the salon under a dryer every TWO weeks!

  5. sunsail says:

    Does Khumura give you any reason behind combining locks, or does she just throw that out there with no explanation, making you think she is being lazy???5 hours? Big friggin deal. I wish i could do 5 hours every 8 weeks. Try 10-12 over the space of 2 days. YES. To anyone that reads this, please don’t let me hear you complain unless you have it worse than I!!!

  6. Cluizel says:

    Sunsail – you know…come to think of it she has never explained the why as to why my locks should be combined. I may have to ask when I go back in late December…10-12?!? to retighten?!? stop these games…seriously?!?

  7. Cluizel says:

    Hi NS, Muslimahlocs, Stace, Goodnapps – Hi! 🙂 Thanks for coming by! I don’t get the combining either…

  8. Alise M. says:

    Your 500+ locks look uniform, healthy and overall great. Don’t combine. I used to have about 525 and about 20 were combined so I still have over 500 and I have no more that need to be combined. It takes my loctitician about 4-5 hours to do my retightening as well every 8-10 weeks. It’s the price we pay but it’s well worth the head full of beautiful locks.

  9. Tra says:

    Jumping in a bit late here but I think your locks look super healthy and really a great size. I am interested to know as well why she has mentioned combining them.

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