t shirts and spilled milk

muslimahlocs said…
great pics. so what does your shirt say?
10 October, 2007 02:16

I thought I would address this comment by muslimahlocs in a seperate post. Especially since whenever I wear the t shirt in question I always get so many comments. Actually…in Philly this weekend I had someone sing to my shirt…but that is neither here nor there. lol.

I bought this shirt a while ago at Harlem Underground on 125th St…

Its kind of funny…after the fashion show that is Hampton University I have cared less and less about “keeping up with the Joneses.” Not to say I shop at the dollar store for clothes (lol) but now that the money I use to purchase things is MY money…$130 sneakers that can’t be worn to the office don’t seem as important as having money to travel and eat. lol.

Other t shirts in my closet include:
“I have good hair, I have African in my family” – yes I went back and got it. lol
“Naturally Tanned” – My favorite! (www.minoritees.com)
“I love being black”
“I love black people”
“kanye was right” – mostly worn post Katrina…not anymore. lol.

I have a few t shirts from concerts…the ones that I wear the most are Jill Scott (beautifully human – radio city 6/07) and Common (be – indianapolis 8/05).

And while this next part may have no relevance…everytime I think about my Common shirt I roll my eyes. When I bought the t shirt @ the end of the show I was told if you wait a while you can meet Common (one good thing about Indiana…smaller venues and things like this are easily done) and we could only get one item signed…but I already decided he was signing a CD for me and a t shirt for the guy I was seeing at the time. So when Common came (he’s so cute! slightly shorter than me/or exactly the same height…my memory sucks now…and an adorable smile) I waited and when it was my turn I slipped him my CD first (scribble scribble…sign) and then I slide the t-shirt for the boy…he looks at me like he’s about to say something…then I smile…he smiles (scribble scribble…sign). SCORE! Gotta use the smile for something. πŸ™‚

But yeah…now this guy has an autographed Common shirt…a CRAZY parting gift…and although it didn’t take much effort to get and I still have my tshirt AND autographed CD…ugh I’m just saying!…not losing any sleep over it because clearly the concert and meeting Common trumps “the boy”…but still he was so not worthy of that gift. lol.

Ok…I am done. (Stace you should know who I am talking about)


6 thoughts on “t shirts and spilled milk

  1. Thanks for t-shirt links. I have a few like yours myself. People always comment as some of them are more radical than others.BTW, I saw Common in Miami. He is too cute. By the time I realized it was him and not just a cute guy on South Beach. The wanna be video hoes had surrounded him. Sigh..

  2. hmmmm, he’s sooooo not worth the shirt, time, daytime minutes, etc…i STILL can’t believe you were thisclose to Common. I know he;s BEEEEEAUTIFUL!! I can see how beautiful he is from afar so to see him up close… *shiver*

  3. muslimahlocs says:

    thanks for the fyi and the links. i may have to get one for myself and/or hmc. sometimes i miss the energy of a positive concert. too bad i never got to see common or mos def!

  4. SistaLocd says:

    Cool Shirts! I must get some! However not until I get rid of my pregnant belly, lol.

  5. Now that I actually look good in a t-shirt – I should pick some up.

  6. Nena says:

    where did you find your ‘i got good hair’ tee? i’ve been looking for one for the longest time!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease share the wealth πŸ™‚

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