The post that almost wasn’t…

So…lots of random hair related things happen to me on a daily basis but I don’t usually blog about them all (I would probably be blogging every day and my attention span for writing isn’t that long…reading…yes…writing not so much)

~Book club meeting (yes I really read that much!)…and an attendee that I hadn’t met before has 4 month old Sisterlocks….awwww!!!

~Walking up and down 125th St Saturday…I usually glance at the street vendors but I never usually stop (unless its books of course) so I glance over at a table of t shirts and I see this t shirt that literally stops me in my tracks

“I have good hair…I have African in my family”

GET IT! Lol. Although I said I was going to refrain from purchasing anymore t shirts I may have to head back to 125th and pick that one up…I hadn’t seen this one before…but I doubt its new…

~ I went back up to Westchester for SS’s birthday. We didn’t do anything too big, I don’t know if I mentioned it at the time but my Nana had a stroke in May and she recently came back home. So I just tried to come home this weekend and do as much as I could so SS could relax.

Anyways…Nana is good. She is just learning how to walk again and is making really good progress. The part of brain that has to do with talking CLEARLY was not affected. I was downstairs last night relaxing with Nana. I was sitting on her bed and she was looking at my hair

Nana – When are you and your mother going to take that mess out of your hair?
Me – (lol) We’re not
N – That just looks so silly
Me – Hmm k Nana (my head is turned so she can’t see me smiling)
N – You should get a wig
Me – I am not getting a wig Nana…
N – When I was at the rehab hospital all of the nurses loved my hair. They just didn’t understand how I could wash my hair in the shower, put on some grease and comb it and it stays straight
Me – We have different hair Nana
N – All of the other black ladies had wigs…
Me – I know Nana…I saw
**quiet…she touches my hair and makes a noise**
Nana – What about the people you work with? Their hair straight?
Me – yes…I am the only black person in my department
Nana – don’t you want your hair to look like theirs?
Me – No
**quiet again…**
Nana – Well maybe it isn’t so bad

LOL…I remember the first time she attacked my hair I got really upset and kinda hurt…now…it just rolled off. It’s whatever…

When I am mad/annoyed/or someone show’s their a** I always give possesion of the person to whoever I am talking to…so with my Mom my Dad becomes “your husband”…my brother becomes “your son” and last night my Nana was “your mother” lol.

So I was on the subway this morning and I was thinking about whether that was blogworthy…I decided that it wasn’t as I got into the office. So why am I blogging about it?

~This morning as I was paying for my breakfast in the office cafeteria…I was trying to stuff my change in my wallet when the cashier started making a big fuss of the lady that was behind me…I am crazy uncoordinated so it took forever to get my money into my wallet (me = a dork) and I was able to hear that she just cut all of her hair off (she was rocking an adorable curly TWA which looked great on her)

Me – (turning around because I am sure she could tell I was eavesdropping) Congratulations!
TWA – Thanks…and the next step is Sisterlocks (pointing to my hair smiling)

Uh oh! Get it! Hopefully I will run into her again! (sorry…I had food in my hands and I was hungry! lol)

Have a Great Week!


9 thoughts on “The post that almost wasn’t…

  1. OMG, just reading all these stories about u and your mom and randoms make we want to hurry up and loc my hair!!! look at michelle being an inspiration!!

  2. SistaLocd says:

    Well first I’m glad to hear that your Nana is doing much better. She has a sense of humor. However it does sound like she is starting to turn around. I think Sisterlocks has started a revolution! Go Sisterlocks!

  3. Goodnapps says:

    Ditto what Sistalocd said!!I can see why that t-shirt stopped you in your track. I love it too!

  4. I love that T-shirt! I get questions as to whether I am biracial all the time since birth. I want one in addition to the T-shirt you saw that says: Mixed with Black. lol!I like the Q & A from Nana. She sounds like my mother who says my SLs make my hair look nappy. lol!Good Post! Your Yorkie is too cute!

  5. Meikmeika says:

    The good thing is at the end of the conversation your Nana was a little more accepting of your Sisterlocks.My boyfriend’s mother always asks me what I’m going to do with my hair.. All I can say is this is how my hair will stay. I remember her saying she wanted to try to style my hair and when I asked with what she said something to straighten my hair…LOL!!! Even his grandmother asks what’s up with my hair..Guess it’s a good thing I’m in Love with being natural and Sisterlocked!!!Cute pic!!P.S. I’m getting LASIK and have some questions for you. I will email you soon.

  6. No matter how old we get and how human we perceive our parents to be, we still care what they think.I was talking to my Mom and she has locs now, but I’m starting to realize it’s just a hairstyle for her.It’s a little political for me, but doesn’t mean too much to her. I realized that after talking to her and may aunts and realizing that their afros in the seventies were born out of a shampoo instead of the usual saturday pressing. When the jheri curl offered curly hair for all, they all jumped on the bandwagon.It’s interesting.

  7. Bygbaby says:

    I want one of them damn shirts!!! Hopefully, I will see them in Detroit soon.

  8. cheleski68 says:

    your hair is pretty, keep working on nana! she’ll be loving in in about 5-10 years……when it gets length ‘our people’ allways come around…geez nana.:)i want a shirt 2. i like making white people uncomfortable-or our brothers, which ever these days that think i have nappy, not nice hair. hmph.

  9. Aya says:

    I want that Yorkie. I used to have one, her name was Tess!! Seeing you with yours makes me miss my little Tess.

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