This is a hair blog right?!?

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So I just got retightened tonight! Jeez…my hair is growing alot so the session was a little longer than usual AND….I had my first serious grooming. SCORE!
Wait…where did the big hair go?
Nicolay and I just got back from Khumura’s (yes…Nicolay comes to my retightenings) and I washed my hair and took some pics.
These will be my last pics with glasses 🙂 I have my LASEK on Wednesday! For someone who has been wearing glasses since they were 9 this is a big deal. But I can’t do anything that will stress my eyes for a few days (i.e. read and the computer) ::gasp::…small price to pay…I suppose.
And I apologize! I have been falling behind on responding to comments. I love comments so I am going to get better! promise!

18 thoughts on “This is a hair blog right?!?

  1. brunsli says:

    Your hair looks great!Good luck with your surgery. Please take ibuprofen with you and don’t take it on an empty tummy.Chicco and Cello want to wish Nicolay a happy birthday. Actually, they asked if he wanted a play date, but I told them they’d have to go back to NY and they didn’t want to because they don’t think NY has enough deer to bark at.Breadfruit just asked me in a sleepy voice what I am doing. I explained — and he said — what? Nicolay Phonte is having lasik? No, Sweetie, go back to sleep.

  2. Tra says:

    Happy Birthday to NP and your looks good. I can see the growth.

  3. Cluizel says:

    Brunsli – LMAO…Breadfruit is funny. Thanks!Hmmm…what we lack in deer we make up for in concrete. :-)Tra – Thanks! I can finally see it too (about time!) lol

  4. sunsail says:

    Your hair looks fab, as usual!! Good luck with the surgery. You’ll be fine.Happy birthday, NP!!! Lula is 4 months now… and suffering though a very, very bad haircut that mommy gave her… oy vey!!!

  5. SistaLocd says:

    Your Sisterlocks are looking great as usuall! Good luck with the surgery. Are you getting one eye done at a time or both?

  6. Cluizel says:

    Sunsail – Awww…little Lula! Nope…nevermind…this dog does not exist until I see a pic. lol. (j/k) ThanksSistalocd – both at the same time…I’m a G. lol. My prescription isn’t oo bad so it should only take maybe 5 minutes per eye. Thanks!

  7. Carmen In NC says:

    You must have like a thousand hairs per square inch. I love the texture of your hair. You have a lot of locks AND they are thick. I pointed a few of my locks at the monitor and said, “This is what you’re supposed to be doing.”

  8. muslimahlocs says:

    i hope your sugery goes well. i watched my cousin have the sugery. it seemed quick and painless to me but i then i was just watching.

  9. Cluizel says:

    Carmen – Awww…Thanks! I didn’t really care for all of this hair until it was locked. lol. Khumura (consultant) told me I just have a LOT of hair. I was thinking about combining my locks…but I doubt I would.Muslimahlocs – Thanks…I watched 3 surgeries a few weeks ago…they only lasted 10 minutes. It was nasty watching it at first but now I am not nervous…

  10. Renea says:

    Your hair is looking good. Sending good vibes for your surgery!

  11. Cluizel says:

    Thanks DTW, NS and Renea!Sigh…no Internet for a few days…help me. lol

  12. Goodnapps says:

    Your hair is so cute! It looks so neat. I love it.

  13. KimT says:

    your hair looks fantastic!


  15. Sogolocs says:

    Did you have to have your hair groomed, or did you just want to. It looks nice, just wondering because I heard you didn’t have to have it groomed ? Confused about grooming. I’d like to see pictures before you were groomed.

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