It’s about time!

I get to see my babies this weekend! (why are all of the male performers I like short!?!)

Its Black August this weekend. At first I just knew I was going to a GREAT concert…but there is a history behind the organization.

I have already seen most of these artists before but…poo poo…gotta support what you like/care about…or you can’t get mad when it disappears… (I will say that I hope Mos Def leaves his bathrobe at home this time. lol)

Have a Great Weekend


2 thoughts on “It’s about time!

  1. muslimahlocs says:

    dp, mos def, talib kweli…girl, how can you contain your self? real hip-hop! watch doug-e-fresh or the teacher show up! there are very few artists that i would even consider listening to if i still did the music thing and these would be them. rbg!

  2. cheleski68 says:

    he is so sexy to me!!!! thats ok,my hubby knows. he just got a swagger ’bout him,yakno?

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