Kneegroes and camera phones…

One of my favorite coworkers is out for the day…and the person that sits next to her (he is a tree-hugger…no seriously…not being mean…) wore an interesting outfit to work today and she isn’t here to see it!

Well damn…that can’t happen!

Yes…a conversation began near my cube and I just HAD to take advantage of the opportunity…the camera phone isn’t picking up the color all the way…but the pants are an orange/pink ish…and yes…that is a man…and no he is not black. lol.

If there is no business casual next summer I am coming for his ass!!!



6 thoughts on “Kneegroes and camera phones…

  1. Meikmeika says:

    LOL!!! I don’t see what’s wrong with the pants!!! LOL!!!! Was he going to a hippie party after work or something.

  2. LOL! He is just expressing himself. LOL!

  3. Cluizel says:

    All I’m saying is if I hear a thing about my locks being not work appropriate I am whipping out this pic so damn fast! lol

  4. Alise M. says:

    OMG!! You are cracking me up (LOLFOOC- laughing out loud falling out of chair).

  5. Ms Stella says:

    That is an interesting shade and cut for man pants. I wonder if he made them himself?

  6. Kennith Cucinotta says:

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