You Know what…

I’m not really feeling accounting anymore…

I have no idea what else I would do…but I REALLY feel like an entire career spent doing what I am doing currently feels like a prison sentence. And I know I can try different departments and whatnot…but all the accountants I have met over the past 3 years just seem miserable…

I thought I disliked working because I lived in Indiana…

I moved.

I thought maybe the crafty nature of the insurance industry soured my experience…

I changed industries.

I think I am coming to the realization that this may not be what I want…

So leave?

And do what? Something else I may hate?

Le sigh…so no…I am not going to run off and go “find myself”…I like having a steady paycheck and health benefits thank you very much…but…yeah…this is not a good personality fit.

Hmmm…but there are downsides to all professions…right?

Just thinking out loud…

yeah…this song has nothing to do with this post…I just love it. lol.


15 thoughts on “You Know what…

  1. Chi-chi says:

    hmm… there’s always business school. do you fancy yourself an entreprenuer (sp?) Chi(:

  2. Goodnapps says:

    Not that it is any consolation, but I’m still trying to find myself too. At least you’re never too old to go after your passions.Better late than never.

  3. Brenda says:

    Better you should come to some realizations about yourself at this age than to wake up screaming at 40 or 50. I say keep your day job – gotta pay those bills – but explore classes or some other things that could be of interest that could turn into a career avenue.

  4. brunsli says:

    Go to law school!No, I’m kidding. But, I agree with the advice above. Look into something new and exploring new careers. Now’s a perfect time since it’s just you and Nicolay.

  5. Bygbaby says:

    I saw Black Networking guru George Fraser speak abut 2 weeks ago & he said if you are miserable in you job, quit tomorrow or die a miserable death from work stress.If you hate the job, you cannot be good it at so…Personally I just can’t up & quite but I felt him.Bygbaby

  6. Cluizel says:

    George Fraser must live in the magical world of trust funds(lol)…because a kneegro has rent to pay. lol. But its very true…I can’t really get excited about the work so its kinda like…ugh…whatever…I feel him too though.Brunsli – This is one of the many times I am glad its just me and my dog…Brenda – Very true…I keep thinking “jeez…more school?!?” But I’m not that far removed from college actually Goodnapps & Chi-Chi – poo…I’ll have to meditate on what I want to be when I grow up a little more

  7. I feel the same way right now. It must be a 20s thing. More school seems to be the most lucrative option. Education is the biggest investment (highest lifetime return) you can make… and property. Good Luck!

  8. Cluizel says:

    Yeah…I am blaming is on my “quarter life crisis” lol. the 20’s is…poo…except for that whole no one else to worry about but yourself part. 🙂

  9. brunsli says:

    Yup. More education is expensive, but I agree with Sophia. It’s an investment in yourself that pays off in the amount of control over your career (and hopefully your paycheck too).I look at it this way … you’re going to be 30 in 5 years no matter what. You might as well have a job you like, an MBA, a JD, [insert something you’ll find more fun than accounting here].But, capitalization of sales tax on purchases related to internally developed software sounds fascinating! It rivals bar topics!

  10. Renea says:

    My quarter-life crisis stretched from my 20s right on into my 30s. What I am realizing is 1) Sometimes it’s just time to move on, nothing wrong with that 2) You don’t have to throw out the baby with the bathwater. When I left academia, I felt like I had no other skills. I also knew I was too old to start at the bottom of the ladder…So I started thinking of environments that would allow me to use the skills I had in a different context. With your accounting skills (are you a CPA?), you could probably make a run as a consultant to organizations that you feel passionate about. Many of them can’t afford a full time person to do the books, but you could do pretty well with a manageable number of accounts. And what it took me a while to figure out…figured out how to translate what you do well to a different audience. I realized I was a manager–handling all those students, their assignments, and my own responsibilities. My research skills made it easier for me to solve problems, figure out the component parts of a task, and direct it to completion. I could work alone or with a team. I could lead and I could follow…I’d be happy to help you translate your resume! In return, you could give me a little accounting help. That’s my challenge area on my new job. But I took this position so I could learn that stuff and be prepared for bigger leadership roles.

  11. go back to school extra part time while you’re still young. do something you’ve always wanted to do! who knows, you might b the nxt bomb diggitiest museum curator!

  12. Renea says:

    And I agree with you…don’t quit your old job until you find a new one. People aren’t as funny about resume gaps as they used to be…but explaining that you quit your job because you ‘didn’t like it’ will make you sound more like a flake than someone looking for new challenges.If you’re interested in working at museums or arts orgs, drop me a line, I worked @ a museum right after teaching and made a few arts connections before I settled at UrbanIvy.

  13. cheleski68 says:

    i feel ya. definitely, get into a class or 2, before you have family responsibilities(all do respect to cute doggy dogs). go for your passion. i feel ya-i was biology/did research/omg boring and tedious. i’m in sales and love the interaction and challenge. take that accounting skill and apply it to another industry so it gives you a foundation to GROW on…like what? marketing! Teaching! hmmm

  14. blackrussian says:

    I remember my quarter-life crisis a few years back…You’ve gotten a lot of good advice from everyone, none I can really top, but unless I missed it, it doesn’t seem like anyone asked you what you like to do.Is there something you enjoy?Sunsail posted about this a few months back and I think her sister or someone asked what she would do if money and needing to pay the bills didn’t factor in.A lot of people are unhappy doing things like accounting because it doesn’t give them a creative outlet. Or they’d rather have something to show for their work, a finished product, something tangible. Is this the case with you?I’ve also found that a lot of people always knew what they wanted to do or knew when they were teenagers, but somewhere along the way, someone convinced them that they needed to go with something more ‘practical’ that would pay the bills or that they could ‘fall back on’, instead of helping them come up with a plan to turn art into a career, for example.Is there something that you LOVE, but you just need to figure out how to do it and still get PAID?That might be an interesting place to start. You are still young, so you do have time to come up with a plan.

  15. Carmen In NC says:

    There’s this story about Cain and Able in the Bible that I have to think of when I’m hating my job. Be thankful for what you are given. If you show thanks for that then you’ll be blessed with the bigger and better. In the meantime save your money and look into other options. What do you like to do?

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