Baby NOOOOOO!!!!!


But what happened?!? I heard him on Common’s album so at least he still has his voice…

Its ok baby! We’ll count calories together! Wait…how tall are you again? Nevermind…you’re on your own…


2 thoughts on “Baby NOOOOOO!!!!!

  1. Meikmeika says:

    No!!!! Not D’Angelo!!! I was just listening to “How Does It Feel” and thinking about that tantalizing video… I remember reading he was the father of Angie Stone’s child (don’t know if it’s fact) but isn’t she losing weight? Maybe he’s taking what she’s losing.Is he atleast coming out with another album?

  2. Bygbaby says:

    That interview was a trip & Ange knows she wants that nigga back!Everybody knows he hit that bottom with his two-faced dick & nuts.I am digging that Common & D’Angelo cut. Actually the whole album is off the chain!I asked Suite Suzy if we come come to NYC for my B’day next month. Next ting I know, I got slapped as she was telling me, “you know we broke bitch!”Hoping all is well.Bygbaby

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