Sigh…I felt it was my resonsibility to bring this to everyone’s attention…most might know…some may not…but ever since my friend was in the club and told me that YBPs were doin the dance in their suits I figured this was beyond repair…

Now…I am all for self expression and dancing but…

This is too damn much!

This is me playing the preview of the song on my phone to Nicolay…
and his reaction…

(Your namesake would be so proud!)

Now I know it could be worse…but…sigh…as a lover of hip hop…I…I…sigh

But then again…it does provide fun clips like this…

I have officially changed my random text message from “You aint gotsta lie Craig” to “YOUAAAA!!!”

Goodie Mob did complain that we don’t dance no more…and this is more intricate than leaning and rocking…but somehow…I doubt this is the solution they envisioned…

Sigh…carry on…


4 thoughts on “YOUAAAA!

  1. sunsail says:

    You know… it took all three videos for me to understand this…. some guy in a dried out pool with a towel around his neck… oh so confusing…YOUAAAAA!!! I’m still stuck on the Umbrell-lla song… gimme time, chile, gimme time!! lawd!!!

  2. Bygbaby says:

    OK:a) why was they in a empty poolb) i almost had a siezure watching them niggas hop across the damn screamc) this shit cannot be done at a partyd) Nickoly should have bit youuuuuuaaaaaa for subjecting him to this mess.Now Iam stuck with the beat in my mind, THX!!!!!!!! LOLBygbaby

  3. Maryee says:

    Well, I guess if I see my students at my school trying to do this at a dance I won’t be surprised. It’s clearly marketed to the students I’ll be teaching. Thanks for sharing, for I would have otherwise been oblivious to this…Oh yeah, and I watch it out of the order how you posted it, so it made sense when I saw the “official” video last. 🙂

  4. why did kity (my roomie) and I sit down and rehearse the dance via instructional clip? i can’t help it! its too damn catchy!!

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