I have a chronic case of being too nice…which leads to late reactions. You know what I mean? Someone can do something quasi-mean or say something out of their arse…and it just kinda stops you in your tracks. Its like it takes your brain a while to digest that someone had the nerve to come at you like that…

Well yeah that’s me…about 20 minutes or so later I always have something I COULD have said back…but what am I gonna do…go tap them on the shoulder…

Me: Hey! Yeah you!
Jerk: Yes?
Me: Remember 20 minutes ago when you said XYZ?
Jerk: Huh?
Me: Remember when you did this this and this?
Jerk: Oh…yeah…and?
Me: Well Yo Momma! HA!

See…it doesn’t really work. πŸ™‚

So…a few days ago one of the managers around my area was heading out to go look at an “incident” site and needed a hard hat. He walks past my cubicle and notices that I have one…

Manager: Is that your hard hat?
Me: Yes
Manager: Ok

And he walks away…hmm k…he went down the walkway and borrowed a hard hat from one of my white coworkers…

Now…could he tell that since I didn’t offer my hard hat (cause sharing hats is NASTY! and a
huge no no in my book) or did he not want my hat because of my locks? Hmmm…

At the time I was just excited that I didn’t have to share my hat…but in retrospect…hmmm…can’t help but wonder… (probably just me being dramatic again)

Addendum: Why do I have a hard hat? All new employees go through training and we actually go to our plants. When I got the hat (which is a “loaner” (ILLLLLL!!! on so many levels)) I disinfected the hat before I put it on my head…and then a fellow coworker and I punked the instructor into letting us keep them. Now it just sits in my cube. Occasionally on a particularly sucky day…typically when things aren’t adding up (literally) I will put on my hard hat just because


16 thoughts on “Hmmm

  1. sunsail says:

    cluizel, i’m really concerned about you. do you realize that you are an accountant. in an office building. sitting in a cubicle. wearing a blue hard hat. AND TAKING A PICTURE OF IT!!! And– {gasp} is that a reflective safety vest i see in your cubicle??? SNAP OUT OF IT, WOMAN!!!Look, if you’re coming down to DC, puh-leeeze lemme buy you a drink!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Cluizel says:

    Hey…you never know when anything could happen…always prepared! lol. Oh…and why yes…yes it is…I am a “searcher” for the floor fire warden…as wack as it sounds? why yes…yes it is…I will give you a call before I get down there!

  3. Meikmeika says:

    You are soooo funny!!!! LOL!!! First of all your Mgr should have brought his own hard hat but I know you’re thankful he didn’t ask to borrow yours…. As far as the thinking of something to say a while after it’s been digested, I’m the same way. I’m not that quick comeback person like so many people I know…I like the blue though..

  4. Goodnapps says:

    I can definitely relate.This scenario does make you say hmm..

  5. brunsli says:

    Ditto what Sunsail said!Hey — I found some Michel Cluizel chocolate and bought it just because of you. I didn’t like it! I should have known — you live in a chocolate-free world. Good thing though — I get in big trouble with my dh when I eat non-Swiss chocolate.

  6. Sounds a little fishy if you ask me, but hey – at least you didn’t have to share hats!

  7. LMAO at the photo! I love it. As far as the dude, I would just be happy he asked someone else.

  8. ayankha says:

    I like the hard hat look. And I certainly feel you on the no share policy.

  9. ayankha says:

    To your previous post- long live the fluffy men! I’ve loved more than my fair share and now Sogent thinks I’m trying to get his size up… now that’s just wrong….or isn’t it…hee hee

  10. Creyole says:

    I can always count on you for a good laugh. I feel you on the sharing hat thing!

  11. Bygbaby says:

    good you held you ground. sharing hats is nasty!looking at that attitude the had, i can just imaging=e how you said yeah, it’s mine LOL!!!Bygbaby

  12. hey, shared or not I like the hat–you look like a tough sista–like you gonna find those trapped miners in Utah single handed…

  13. oh too funny. i LOVE your expression!!he prob thought you were being stank and didn’t ask to borrow it since you didn’t readily offer it. oh well, he gets to keep his lice.

  14. ayankha says:

    okay, so I’m just seeing your video since I can’t see them at work. Yeah, I remember those days and I had 3 siblings groovin like that at that time(you know my sister’s wedding was a trip) – read my other sis’s blog (i meant to post it on my site)… Girl, just wait another 10 years or so, folks will be looking at everyone leaning and rocking and krumpin saying the same thing.

  15. Shanessence says:

    I feel you on that hat sharing. And Heavy D was one of my favs back in the day…”Now that we’ve found love, what are we gonna do…with it?”

  16. cheleski68 says:

    wow, i grad from college IN ’90….does that make me your babysitter? come on! it was fun though! the music was bumpin back then. hip hop was still FUN and the dance to do was the running man while we sweated the walls at the Union(across from the graveyard at that time).

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