Someone got a haircut…

Yeah…he looks a little retarded but I still love him. lol. He had a bad grooming so his hair had to be fixed…he should be back to his typically flyness in a few weeks.

Oh…and he is 11 months! (YEAH!) lol. People still think he is a baby though…

Cooper got groomed too…but he’s a loser so there aren’t any pics. 🙂 I kid I kid…Cooper was salty and wouldn’t sit still for a pic


6 thoughts on “Someone got a haircut…

  1. SistaLocd says:

    He looks cute! Wow he is 11 months already! Time sure does fly. By the way my husband finally broke down and bought me a puppy! (It took him about 4 years) I have a Silky Terrier his name is T.J. I’m not really sure what the difference is between a Yorkie and Silky but they sure do look alike hey maybe T.J. and Nicolay are long lost cuosins! lol

  2. SistaLocd says:

    Oh I forgot to mention I will introduce him on my blog in the future as soon as he learns to be still for pictures! lol

  3. ayankha says:

    Looking cute nonetheless!

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