Camera phones suck! lol. If you could believe it I was right by the stage…not right on the stage…but right behind the people that leaned against the stage. lol. I feel bad getting so close when I am so tall since I can technically see from anywhere but whatever. Right by the stage is ALWAYS the best…and I am swearing by the fact that I made eye contact with Bilal! (probably not…but whatever) lol
Let me tell you…that little man (he is short!) can sing his tail off! Ohmigoodness…it was a party! He sang and danced around hard for two hours! SO much fun.
Sigh…Bilal…no locks…poo poo
Oh…”Lil’ Crazy”…sigh…before the concert I actually told my friends that I wanted to go to the concert alone…I NEVER say that…I don’t mind going alone because if you are in the right spot near fun people you will have fun. Its just that strange time before the concert starts thats a little awkward. He called and left a voicemail…I responded with a text (I HATE when people do that!) for some reason he didn’t get it…so I saw he text-ed me about his voicemail as I was on the train (no service) so I called when I got to the venue (8:30) He didn’t get there until 10:30 (ugh) and by then I was already standing on my feet for TWO HOURS reserving my spot so I had to tell him that I was sorry…but I paid my dues and I was not moving and the other loyal fans made him move to the back. lol. Luckily he understood…and we only talked for the two blocks he walked me to the subway. 🙂 (SCORE!)

5 thoughts on “BILAL!

  1. muslimahlocs says:

    what happened to his locks? and by short, could you elaborate on that in prince terms. how short is he?

  2. blackrussian says:

    Too funny, muslimah…Prince IS mini!

  3. SistaLocd says:

    Oh no, he cut off his locks! Oh well to each his own. Anyways I would’ve loved to see him in concert. I think I need to make a move up there because I’m missing out on all the action! lol

  4. ayankha says:

    Okay I am super jealous! I missed his concert here in DC a few months ago. I’m glad you had a good time though. He seems like he can really put on a show!

  5. i can’t believe you saw bilal!!! OMG, I want to be you so bad!!!ummmmmm, where did his locs go??!?!?! he’s still beautiful! and i love that he sang for 2 hours!! i couldn’t even get a whole hour out of tribe! and there are 3 of them + 1 if you include jarobi!!

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