Single for life!

Ok…being dramatic again…

I went on a date Saturday…it was…interesting. We had a lot in common but the brotha talked WAY too much. Like I could hardly get a word in. I had a WHOLE list of things wrong with him…but I though I was being too picky…until I got this email.

(I hate to blow people up BUT names have been erased…and this is just special)

I am sharing this essay with you as part of our learning process. Imagine that I wrote this essay (other than a few grammatical changes I would have liked to make). I have attached it in an Adobe PDF document for you to read. The Adobe PDF format is the unchanged original and includes Part I to IV. You may distribute this essay.

-Lil’ Crazy

There was an article attached…I still have not read it…the email alone scared me. “our learning process”?!?!? The title of the article was: “Raising Shameless, Free, Responsible Young People – Part I to IV” Excuse me?!? raising children? first date? wow.

I was done because he was a conversation Nazi and couldn’t make me laugh…but now…jeez

I happened to call him (my mistake) as he was sending this…he then proceeded to read segments of the file to me (GREAT bedtime story) ::yawn:: at one point I believe I put the phone down and played with Nicolay. Sigh…

If you are interested to see what ‘Lil’Crazy” sent as the attachment just email me…because I refuse to read it. lol.


8 thoughts on “Single for life!

  1. ayankha says:

    That is too funny!!!!! Sounds just like my girlfriends who get marriage proposals on the first date.

  2. muslimahlocs says:

    wow. you really are sharing the jokes today. ok, i’ll bite. send the article to me at

  3. Girl..just when I thought I had a lock on crazy. Conversation Nazis. Just Annoying. LMAO!

  4. Brenda says:

    Oh hell yes! I gotta read it! Sounds like a crazy I had a first date with once – he damn near proposed!

  5. Bygbaby says:

    No you didn’t get out talked??? LOL i hear that when a man can out talk a woman on a date that he usually has nasty draws on. Let us know if it is true…Bygbaby

  6. fairlane says:

    I don’t get it. What’s wrong with saying, “Our learning process?”Maybe he’s an educator or something.

  7. Cluizel says:

    @fairlane – I think the combo of the “our” with the essay on raising children is too much. I know as a female if I sent a guy that after ONE date he would be OUT! And warn all of his friends. lol. @Bygbaby – I know…but oh no…I won’t be around to find out. lol@brenda and muslimahlocs – sent!@Ayankha – I always wondered what kinds of guys did that…oh well…tsk tsk@NS – lol

  8. muslimahlocs says:

    i read as much as i could. that was something. i can only imagine, ok, i cannot imagine what ‘lil crazy’s point, motive, etc. would be for sending you this one. it was not a conversation piece. to me it was more like a let me take note of your license plate just in case i have to call somebody about you piece.

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