I’m going to hell

So…I have to check my personal email on my cell phone at work…poo

Refresh Gmail
Out of the side of my eye I notice I have a new email from Time.com (they always send an email on Thursday so you can preview what you will recieve in the mail)

What I THOUGHT it said:

“10 Most Poppin’ Stories of the Week”

What it ACTUALLY said:

“10 Most Popular Stories of the Week”

I need help…sigh…all of this talk about ghetto is messin with my fragile little mind…lol


4 thoughts on “I’m going to hell

  1. muslimahlocs says:

    time trying to get jiggy? now that was funny.

  2. Bygbaby says:

    Shit if it did say poppin, I would have to subscribe. That would mean that they are finally talking in my language.Bygbaby

  3. Tra says:

    LOL…that is classic!

  4. Cluizel says:

    I need help. lol

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