Yes or No…

Someone posted this in a note on facebook and I have been bouncing this product around my friends…

What do you think? I have gotten mixed reviews…


I think I’ll hold it thank you very much…

My favorite friend quote to date:
“Everyone wants to pee like a guy until the cops show up…”
I am aware that there are practical uses for this (backpacking…MAYBE road trips (just not I)) But I will scream when I am stumbling home one night and I see a chick relieving herself against a wall…call me old fashioned. lol.

13 thoughts on “Yes or No…

  1. blackrussian says:

    I have no words…wow..ok. Yes I do. My favorite part of the ad copy is where they say, “Do not flush.” I’d like to think if a woman was somewhere she had the OPTION TO FLUSH, ,she would not feel compelled to use this product.

  2. Quietspirit says:

    ROTFLOL What will they think of next. Although I’ve been on many a camping trip w/o facilities. On one particular occasion the mosquitoes were a little too friendly with my exposed flesh. I’ve also been in some facilites where I wished I had the ability to stand up. So after the initial shock I might have to say yes. LOL

  3. Renea says:

    So weird…I used to freak an ex out by telling him I could do the deed standing up…lol. I saw this and sent it to him awhile back. He was so traumatized…heehee. Boys are fuuny!

  4. um, i’d have to say hell to the nay-no on this one. on some survivalist-ness i can see how this might be useful, but something is just wrong about it. i don’t have a penis, so let’s not pretend or try to make one. but thank you to the manufacturers for trying to offer females a glimpse of what it’s like to have one, LOL!

  5. Meikmeika says:

    WOW!!! LOL!!!!! You know my first thought is, “Are You Crazy, I wouldn’t use that!”When I’m on a road trip, hiking, or stuck in a traffic jam I may think differently.It just looks so unladylike…LOL!

  6. Bygbaby says:

    I was not even ready to see that shit. I spit out my drink laughing LOL!!!Bygbaby

  7. Chi-chi says:

    WTF?!?!!!! I like being a girl. No penis envy here. It took a lot of gall to even think people would desire this one!

  8. Shai says:

    On long trips where you don’t want to squat in a bush or behind a tree I can see that. I can see it for folks with young girls on the road.I just wonder how many accidents women have had trying to use it. LOL.

  9. SistaLocd says:

    This is too funny! I think I like my girly parts just fine!

  10. blackrussian says:

    I’m with shai, it does seem like it might require practice.

  11. After the initial shock, sure I can see practical applications. But…. I would never just happen to have one of those things around when it happened! Like you would never just happen to have these in your bag. And on a camping trip I am fine squatting and using a little toilet paper…But, if you were in a car…. once I got cuaght in an AWFUL traffic jam on the highway. I was between two exits for almost an hour, creeping at about 2 miles per hour the whole time…. 😦

  12. tAnYeTTa says:

    I guess my idea of peeing on a tree would be rejected by R&D.LOL

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