Random Alert

WARNING: This is random

Au.di.tor.s make me want to vomit…yes I know…I’m an accountant…yea yea I know…isn’t that like the whole light skin dark skin thing? Shouldn’t you guys get along?!? HECK NO! These fools are annoying as I don’t know what. Curses to En.ron, Ty.co, Ar.th.ur.An.der.sen and all of the others who made S.OX a reality and now force materiality levels down to ridiculous levels.

“No I do not know where that penny went out of $10,000,000.00…I will give you one out of my purse if you will get the hell away from my desk!”

Yeah…that’s the psycho “I’m smiling but if you turn your back my 10-key will be smacking you upside the head” Days like today I wish I used an abacus…that would cause some real damage…

Oh…and does anyone want a free yorkie?

Nah for real…I woke up Sunday morning and I couldn’t find my glasses…long story short Nicolay got a hold of them. I must have kicked them off my bedside table in my sleep. So I finally locate the frames which have been bent and gnawed at (mind you I am blind without my glasses) and I notice a lenses is missing…where is it? In Nicolay’s bed…all scratched up!

Now…I know the idea of a dog chewing on a shoe makes most women cringe…but if I had to pick I would definetly take the shoe “L” rather than the glasses “L”…

First piece of personal property destroyed by the dog. Jeez…if I knew he would get this “ignant” I would have named him “Lil Scrappy Jon” boo


8 thoughts on “Random Alert

  1. Anointed1ne says:

    Lol Lil Scrappy! That name fits him well. I never knew a dog had interest in glasses.

  2. Cluizel says:

    He is a very strange dog…Lil’ Scrappy Jon may have been a better choice…people keep mispronouncing his name which drives me INSANE.NicolayNico – Lay (like “lay” you punk behind down)NOTNicolasNico – Lie (what men do)I kid I kid! Well…about the stuff in (___) 🙂

  3. Brenda says:

    Is he licking his lips in that pic or is it my imagination? If he looked this cute when you found the damaged goods, I can only think you couldn’t have stayed mad long.

  4. brunsli says:

    Poor baby – he is jealous that you have glasses and he doesn’t. What’s having a puppy without a little property damage? I’m just kidding — the worst Cello ever did was gnaw on a book. He knows better than to attach shoes.SOX makes me sick too. Do you know I have to learn that stuff for my &^%E( bar exam?

  5. brunsli says:

    He does look a little smug in the photo though!!Breadfruit and I were just talking about your pooch. We saw a Yorkie – and I said, hey, it’s Nico-laye, and he said who? And I said, you know, Cello’s penpal in NY, Cooper’s nephew. He said, no you mean Nico-LIE. So it’s lay as in lay down, eh?

  6. SistaLocd says:

    I’d be more thsan happy to tkae him off your hands! Lol Even if you just need a break, however I know giving him back would be hard!

  7. lil scrappy jon!!!!! LMAO!!!! what’s the dif btwn a auditor and you?

  8. Hey, these things happen with dogs from time to time…. At least it didnt have to do with poop or vomit!I woke up the other morning and my doggie, who apparently hadn’t been feeling well during the night, had decorated the dining room carpet! Ugh!But you gotta love them! They are so darn cute!

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