Every word in this song is gonna be about you…

Sigh…so I am off to another concert tonight. Sigh…Raheem DeVaughn. I am not sure how many peopel are familiar with him because I know I personally turned on at least 5 people to him.

“DeVaughn has been categorized amongst the likes of Dwele, Van Hunt, D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, Donnie Hathaway and Stevie Wonder.” <~~~ which is fabulous because I love them all. http://us.video.aol.com/player/launcher?pmmsid=1350386&autoplay=0&ar=us_en_video_408x406_snag

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I fell in love with “Guess Who Loves You More” first because I love songs when men sing about treating women right… 🙂 The rest of the album is pretty solid and I really looking forward to tonight. Now if only Van Hunt would come to NY…

(Why all of my favorite male “Neo-Soul” artist gotta be tiny? Is it because they have to try harder? (JUST KIDDING!)) 🙂

Up for August:
BILAL!!! (So damn excited)
Black August Hip Hop Project 10th Aniversary – MOS DEF, TALIB KWELI, DEAD PREZ, SAIGON, EVIL D, D NICE AND MORE


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  1. Meikmeika says:

    I know you’re going to enjoy the concert. I like Raheem’s CD as well. My favorite song and video is “You”. I just wish he didn’t talk as much on the CD…LOL!!!!!Take lots of pics and post them. Have Fun!!!!!!

  2. SistaLocd says:

    I’m so jealous! lol Anyhow I hope you have fun and don’t throw your panties on stage! Lol Ooops I guess I only do that. Just kidding. Anyways my other favorite song that I will never get tired of besides “You” is “Believe”. So Bilal is coming out with another cd? Where have I been? I’m sure there are quite a few new artist and possibly old that I haven’t heard of yet that sing similar type of music do you mind sharing their names so I can look them up. I get tired of listening to the same music on the radio. Anyways tell us how the concert went!

  3. Madam says:

    I love that man…especially his lips…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Have fun!!!

  4. Bygbaby says:

    Raheem is the shit! I saw him last year, well kinda cuz I was late but I did get the chance to meet his short ass & we kicked it for a bit.Hopefully you copped some of his street cd’s because they are off the chain (I go them at the concert)!!!Hopefully he blows up.On a related not, I am sure you are up on Darien Brockington. He is also very talented.Peace,Bygbaby

  5. Michelle W. says:

    I love me some Van Hunt. (On the Jungle Floor was awesome) I am about to go get that CD out of my car so I can listen while I pretend to work. If Van comes to New York I am there and I live all the way in Alabama. Raheem is that deal. He is one of my favorites right now. I don’t think that will change anytime soon either, because I am too old for chris brown and too smart for bobby valentino.

  6. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Raheem!!! and you’re going to see Bilal!?!?!? OMG, I need to move from the cultural vacuum that is south florida!!

  7. Renea says:

    I’m a loser! I forgot that concert was tonight…@ BB King’s, right? What was I thinking?

  8. Sugar says:

    I love Raheem! I used to date a guy that new him….too bad he didn’t believe a woman should be treated the way Raheem’s lyrics told his ass to. lolI love Van Hunt too!!! “I am dust blown away, over the edge!” I could rattle off so many of his lyrics off the top of my head I rocked that first cd so much!!! “Her December…means I’ll be alone in the morning!” hahaha Great artist.And, Bilal!!! Girl, that negro got me through some rough days in Missouri back in 2001/2002! Love him! You got me wanting to look up when these guys will be coming through D.C. now! Let me check.

  9. I have his music in my rotation on my playlist. He’s good…he’s definitely no Donny Hathaway, but he’s good.

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