Tagged again…

Aya tagged me a LONG time ago…but I was pooped! (A big girl can only play tag for so long before she needs a break and a sandwich! lol) 7 more facts? hmm…this will be VERY short and succinct…so not like me…but what can you do?

1. I love large bodies of water. One of my favorite parts of going to HU was actually going to college on a quasi-peninsula and being so close to the beach.

2. I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 19. Actually…it was two days before my 20th birthday…I was adamant about getting my license before 20.

3. Concerts = I love them! Not all of my friends have the same musical taste…if I can’t find anyone to go with I will still go. I am not missing out on anything because I am without an entourage.

4. The last guy I really cared about is getting married in August. And that is all I would like to say about that.

5. I am currently in shock that I actually got to see karma unfold this early in life. One of my ex’s who stomped all over my heart and cheated on me just found out his wife of 2 years stomped all over his heart and cheated on him MULTIPLE times. Everyone is expecting me to be overjoyed but its so the opposite. I have been cheated on before and I know how much that hurts and it was just my boyfriend…not my husband. Jeez. I am still shocked…like… “Damn…it really can happen?”

6. I used to dance when I was little. Of all of my childhood activities it was my FAVORITE. It is actually the only thing I stopped unwillingly. Tap shoes stop at a size 10…and while I will NEVER disclose my show size over the Internet…its not a damn 10

7. I am listening to “Untitled” by D’Angelo right now. (tee hee hee) Damn shame what happened to him…



Damn shame what drugs can do to fine-ness…I hope you got it together my short boo! I hear there is a new album in the makings. We miss you


5 thoughts on “Tagged again…

  1. Goodnapps says:

    Oh shucky ducky, quack quack!Before I got to the photos I was like, what happenedto D’Angelo? Oh my damn.But on that karma tip, girl….no joke.

  2. Cluizel says:

    I know! Its crazyI forgot that I am a music-head. Brunsli emailed me and asked so I figured I would just add it to the post because everyone may not have heard. Oh I was heart broken!

  3. ayankha says:

    Goodnapps said exactly what I was gonna. Karma has a very crazy way making sure things are balanced. And for D’Angelo…DAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!!I hadn’t seen him in anything (photo or tv) since that song he did with raphael saadiq. My heart must’ve skipped a beat and I let out a little scream. I hope he gets himself together (tear drops down one eye).

  4. Aya says:

    OMG!!!D’Angelo looks so pathetic. I used to listen to his music. I even saw him live in Hamburg Germany in 2000. Oh what talent. Too bad about his present situation. What kind of live music do you like?

  5. cheleskilove says:

    umm imma switch gears. ahhhh, the waterfront,the one place I could ALWAYS think clearly and work out a plan, and see a cute hunny on the fly 2!!! I LOVE MY HIU I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! Hey, we should go back at grad week and have a locks reunion/meet and great! hmmmm

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