Darn dog…

le sigh…little ball o’ fur.

So…I will be moving soon. YEAH! I absolutely LOVE Harlem! Like…love Love LOVE Harlem! I was getting all set to close on a property in my hometown…but I had an ephihpany the day before my birthday…

* Don’t even think about it! You don’t want to throw away money renting do you?!? Come on Cluizel! Be responsible
~ Do you want to die alone?!? You know how it is here!
* Quit being dramatic!
~ You already did 2 years in Indiana…don’t you deserve to have some fun?!?
* Well…
~ You’re only young once! And you always wanted to live in Harlem
* Jeez…
~ Oh come on…get it together!

So…I am moving to Harlem! Since Friday I have found an apartment, started buying furniture and sold my car. Oh to be young and unattached…

So with all of that…I kinda forgot about my 1 year anniversary…

And so far 25 is pretty great considering…well…I did get confused today. I was making a whole list of things I had to do after work and then I realized…I don’t have a car! curses…this is going to take some getting used to…


10 thoughts on “Darn dog…

  1. sunsail says:

    now is teht ime, girl, now is the TIME!! carpe diem… and night, and afternoon, and weekends… ok, you get the point.congrats!! I know how much you love it there. Now, just stay clear of the african ladies wanting to braid your hair…

  2. Brenda says:

    Girl, you know you didn’t really want to move to the burbs yet! There’s just something about being single in the city! Damn, what I wouldn’t give to go back to that life sometimes – want two kids? They’re potty trained!

  3. Congratulations! I know how much you enjoy that as a sistah that is also, young and unattached 🙂

  4. Tra says:

    Oh man I am jealous! You are doing the right thing (LOL)..isn’t it funny how I can equate big kicking it to “doing the right thing” like it is helping the homeless or something. You’ve got:The BeautyThe BrainsThe hairThe Harlem Apt. And THE DOG (that doesn’t know he’s one)Sorry for the shallow moment but girl do enjoy it to the fullest (-:

  5. Ohh – I miss NYC. I loved Harlem too – especially Amy Ruth’s – lol.

  6. Cluizel says:

    Sunsail – Thank you! I KNOW! They always offering to palm roll my locks…ewww…I respect your hustle but no thanksBrenda – as much as I appreciate the offer I think I’ll pass. :)Naturally Sophia – Gracias! hopefully it will be a fun as I think it will beTra – Thank you! 🙂 And you are right…Nicolay sure doesn’t know he is a dog. lolDTW – I’ll eat some Amy Ruth’s for you if you grab and extra rib at the Taste of Chicago for me! deal? lol

  7. Goodnapps says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me. Enjoy it to the fullest!

  8. =0OMG, where have i been?!?!First of all, another Happy Belated Birthday Clu! I’m so glad 25 is going well for you!You sold your car?!?! OMG!!! So does that mean you’re going to do the Harlem Shake now?

  9. Creyole says:

    To be young and courageous in Harlem! I too LOVE HARLEM and living vicariously through you! (lol)Creyole

  10. Cluizel says:

    Goodnapps – Thank you! But I can’t even lie…if I see too many rats I will be back in the suburbs QUICK! lolStace – I am gonna have to say no. lol. Thanks! I don’t feel as old as I thought I would. :-)Creyole – Thanks! Hopefully it will be as fun as I hope!

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