What? 5 questions wasn’t enough?

Ok…Yeah…I already was interviewed…but when Bygbaby asked me to interview him I KNEW he would have some interesting questions for people who asked. SO…greedy me asked Bygbaby to interview me…again. lol

1. What is the one movie that always makes you cry & on what scene.

I am a sap…so damn near every movie makes me cry. Sappy commercials make my eyes water! Hmmm…I would have to say The Inkwell…when Larenz Tate’s character catches Jada Pinkett half-a** naked with her FINE ex-boyfriend when she was suppose to meet him. I remember when I saw it in the theater people were cracking up watching him run away, tears streaming down his face with tight pants and earth shoes…but I always shed a tear. Probably because I am thinking “Damn…there goes another black man injured beyond repair” 🙂

2. If you were on a date & things got hot at the end of the night & you decide to break off a piece, what you do if you noticed a shit stain in homeboys undies.

Oh ill. When it comes to matters of the bedroom I am very blunt. I would try not to explicity say “Hey…nasty fool. You know you can use more than one square of toilet paper right?!?” but it wouldn’t happen. If you can’t keep your butt clean…jeez…what else is dirty?!?

3. If you died tomorrow & God gave you the choice to be reincarnated either as New York, Deelishsis or Saaphari who would you choose & why.

54th and Crenshaw!!! And ONLY because she never did ANYTHING with Flava Flav. It might be because she knocked a chick upside her head within 10 minutes of getting in the house but whatever.

4. You refer to your time in Indiana as hell often, why come

Cause that mess was horrible! Lol. I mean…when you look at the big picture it wasn’t that horrible because it didn’t kill me…but jeez…goodness. List?
1. No black people
2. No dating options…well parolees and traveling arena football players…so no dating options
3. Every time I made a friend…they moved away!

It really just felt like a completely different world. Not horrible…just really different. The lack of diversity was suffocating. And not just racial diversity…just everything. People drove the same cars, same music, same clothes…they were mostly Republicans. And they noticed my differences and people always tried to poke at it…which annoyed me to no end. I am a black female from NY…I am not really into politics…so you should know what I’m not…don’t ask me about Bush.

Just really uncomfortable…and my face shows exactly what I am thinking…so I couldn’t even hide my disgust

I made some good friends while I was out there (who all moved, but whatever) and I got to deal with a lot of my own issues because I had nothing but free time…but you can’t take a New Yorker who loves big cities and diversity and put them in the middle of nowhere.

And that extra weight I gained while I lived there…eating is the main social activity? excuse me?!?

5. If Nicolay Phontae had one embarrassing thing to say about you, what would it be

That his Mommy dances around to Beyonce every morning. Lol. He just sits outside my room and stares at me with his head cocked to the side with that “WTF?” look. And there are so many reasons why I don’t like Beyonce…but when you just wanna dance around like a jerk…I am all for it.

If its any credit to my character I keep the Jill Scott, Bilal and Van Hunt FAR away from the Beyonce in my CD collection. lol



14 thoughts on “What? 5 questions wasn’t enough?

  1. Madam says:

    You sound like my roomie…she’s cries over every sentimental thing…lolSTOP BEING PUNKS…WOMAN UP, lol

  2. Michelle W. says:

    I love the questions that Byg gave you. Poop stains in the undies…? That was way too funny. My cousin lives in Indianapolis and she loves it. What area did you live in? Although she may love it because she secretly wants to be white. BTW, if you don’t mind could you interview me as well. You were interviewed twice I want to be a copy cat. ThanksPeaceIAMNOTANIGGA

  3. Brenda says:

    I truly laughed out loud at #2 both question and answer!!! Since I was at work, others heard me and wanted to know WTF? I showed them. Ill and LOL!I’m afraid to ask for my 5 and I KNOW I’m not asking Bygbaby! Lawdy! I don’t know what I’d get!

  4. Bygbaby says:

    Cluziel – You blew me out with the Inkwell, I just knew you were going to say Set it off when Queen Latifah goes down in a blaze of glory LOL.I won’t comment on number 2 cuz I can’t stop laughing……. I almost pissed on myself at work when I read it back to myself LOLGood choice at picking Saapahri, I think if she would not have beat that girls ass, she would have eventually beat Flav’s.Michelle W – You cousin sounds like a hot mess!Brenda – All man, I have some questions in the coffers ready to go LOLYou know sometimes when I am @ work reading blogs, Ia m always laughing or saying hell nall out loud (thank gid I have an actual office) people always want to know what I am laughing at. They would never understand but sometimes blogs get me through the day.Peace,Bygbaby

  5. ayankha says:

    I crap, it is early as heel and I can’t stop laughing. Good Questions, Great Answers! I agree with Saaphyri & hope she wins. As for Indiana, I felt the same way about East Lansing, Michigan. But this woman in the bathroom… way too bold. With the wrong person, that may be cause for a beat down.

  6. ayankha says:

    * The First word in the last comment was supposed to be O…I told you it was early in the morning.And Beyonce…Mine is T-Pain

  7. Aya says:

    Hi Cluizel: You have been tagged. View my blog for details. Look forward to reading your comments.

  8. Bygbaby says:

    OMG, I am a big LOSER! I just realized after months that I have been spelling your name wrong. I was on Sugar & Spice & looked @ your name & was like oh snap. I guess I need to wear more glasses when I read online.Sorry Cluizel,Bygbaby

  9. Cluizel says:

    Bygbaby – Oh you have? lol. As long as you dont fuck up my real name I’m cool. I used to mispell my “Cluizel” ALL THE TIME at first. lol

  10. Cluizel says:

    Madam – Its sad! lolMichelle W – thanks for visiting! I will put your questons in the next commentBrenda – That happens top me at work all the time. lol.Bygbaby – blogs definetly get me through the day!!!Ayankha – If I wasn’t at work…shit…I don’t know what people are thinking. Especially when you are in worse shape than me?!? b*tch please…Aya – oh wow…I’ll see what I can pull out…

  11. Cluizel says:

    Michelle W – s questions…here you go1. Poetry readings: Snapping or Clapping? Why?2. Would you ever wear your hair natural? (you should know I would ask. lol) 3. If you could build a husband what would he look like? (just physically)4. Favorite city and why?5. Turn on the computer…what is the first website you usually go to besides checking email? why?

  12. Goodnapps says:

    These were some good ques/answers indeed. #2 – off the hook. Only Byg would come up with that.

  13. Michelle W. says:

    Done with my questions. Thanks for the interview.

  14. Chi-chi says:

    Yes homie, I live on the southside of Chicago (30 minutes away from Indiana) and when I go over there to buy gas its hard not to notice the cultural deprivation. I’m glad that you’re free!

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