I didn’t have my camera (too many pictures of Nicolay and Cooper!) but I did meet with Sunsail, Maryee and Jen this weekend! Hopefully they will update their blogs since I am such a slacker! 🙂 No spoilers…so I won’t elaborate on my meeting wit Sunsail.

Maryee and Jen were in town for a graduation…I had no prior knowledge of their trip, Sunsail happened to tell me Friday when she called…cool. Turns out they were staying in the EXACT same city that I live in. But sorry…I got distracted…my coworker just stopped by and told me lady was “pumping” in the bathroom…wow…(mind you I have no children) OK! Back on track! Lol. Even though we were only a five minute drive away we didn’t hook up until Monday. They got to meet Mr. NP and we had a nice chat. SS has a ridiculously early bed time so she didn’t know what was going on until the next day.

Hmmm…I told Maryee and Jen this story so I thought I would share.

I was on the train Monday (standing up as usual!) headed to work…and I noticed some lady was staring at me. Ummm…hmm k… So I try to ignore her but you know that feeling you have when you just KNOW someone is staring at you…yeah…that one!…well I was having it. So eventually I shifted a little bit so I couldn’t see her anymore. (That is so icky!) It was too early in the morning for a dirty look

But as we were pulling into Grand Central she got up and walked over. Hmm k…now what. So she motions for me to take out my earphones.

Staring Lady – Do you have Sisterlocks?
Me – Oh! Yes I do
SL – I remember when they were this small (makes a hand movement that is basically 2 inches) they are growing in nicely
Me – (now shocked) Thank you!

Well damn…people have been watching my hair! She had kinky twists in…we chatted a little more and she told me that all of her relatives in London had Sisterlocks and she might take the plunge soon. Cool.

Hmmm…now that I am getting length I am getting more compliments now…

I visited my Mom’s hospital one day to say Hi and one of her coworkers with chin length traditionals noticed my hair…we had the Sisterlocks convo and she said she was thinking about taking out her locks and starting over with Sisterlocks. She had ruled it out…but then she says she saw my hair and is gonna seriously think about it. **SMILE** (Not happy that she is taking out her locks…just happy my hair is “inspiring” lol…j/k)

yeah…that is all. lol. My 1 year anniversary is coming up. June seems to be a popular month for locking! jeez…seems like everyone is having an anniversary!


4 thoughts on “Random

  1. Carmen In NC says:

    I wanna meet people. I met one of my consultant’s clinents. And she knew me as the one who took 25 hours and fell asleep. Now, that’s no way to be recognized, but I was so tickled. I felt like a star.

  2. Goodnapps says:

    I told you folks would compliment more when you get more length. Damnation fairweather folks!Anyway – you got to meet Maryee and Jen! I want to meet Maryee and Jen too 😦

  3. Creyole says:

    Those sisters are such wonderful company!!!! Maryee called me while she was in Harlem to tell me she was in New York. Sign…oh how I wish I could have been there again to hang with you all!Creyole

  4. Maryee says:

    It was so nice meeting you and Mr. NP. Pictures coming soon!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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