Tagged again!

Kim tagged me!

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 things as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them knows they have been tagged and to read the blog. [Won’t be tagging others…I know…I’m a loser]

1. I used to play 4 instruments…pretty damn well if I do say so myself. Lol. I started with the violin when I was 6…clarinet at 8…xylophone at 10 (Yes I carried that in parades once I hit middle school! A Glockenspiel would just not do anymore!!!) viola at 12 (arms got too long – so I upgraded from the violin) currently I don’t play anything. Lol. I did buy a new violin last year off of eBay and I intend to start playing again.

2. I am turning 25 in…12 days. I am accepting it now. I can turn 25 like a big girl. Its not like I am in a bad place in my life right now…it just feels like I was celebrating my 21st birthday last year.

3. I hope to be moving into a co-op at the end of July. I said I wasn’t going to rent when I moved to NY and I was not playing. Lol. I still have the board interview to go, but I am being optimistic.

4. I think there is a fire drill going on as I am typing this…will I get up?!? Yeah…I dunno. I am a “searcher”…which means I get this tacky a** reflective vest and a flashlight. I got stuck doing it because I’m the new guy. Poo.

Nope…not getting up.

5. I used to drive excessively fast! Like too damn fast. Like…I shouldn’t have a license fast. I remember one trip from Hampton to NY my girlfriend and I made it in a little over 5 hours. (388 miles…in 5 hours…no way legal) There were actually 3 of us in our respective cars at first…but once we hit the open road one of our girls couldn’t keep up…maybe 105 mph “buck o’ five”…at least 100 for a good chuck of the trip. Hey…I was 20 and silly.

I haven’t gone over 100 mph in a long time…two years of living in Indiana where I was the young black girl who drove alone in a foreign car (not usual for Fort Wayne) slowed me down…a lot. Plus everyone out there drove a damn Impala. EXCUSE ME?!? Why are you purchasing cop cars? Messin up my driving all crazy…

**I remember my only speeding ticket…I had just left Hampton and I was heading for DC…hardly got out of the Hampton city lines and I got caught doing 83 in a 55. After it all was said and done I was happy that he ONLY caught me doing 83. me = too fly for jail***

6. I have three tattoos. My generation is gonna look CRAZY in the nursing home. Lol. I have the Sankofa on my lower back (yes the infamous lower back tatt), my zodiac sign on my upper leg and the Sesa Woruban below my right collarbone.

7. I have delusions of doing some plus-size modeling. Lol. I’m not athletic…what is this height for? My brother had a short stint of modeling. Grandma almost did but the whole raising kids kind of got in the way. 🙂 Mom isn’t into stuff like that…although she was listed as “painfully thin” when she started nursing school and she is 5’10 she wasn’t interested.

I will probably be like my Mom and it will just be a thought. I can be “fierce” in my cubicle. Lol. If they wanted me to change my hair it would be a no-go anyway. Although it would be pretty fly to walk past Lane Bryant and see myself. lol.

Whew…that was harder than I thought!


5 thoughts on “Tagged again!

  1. Goodnapps says:

    You’re such a bad good girl!I think you changed your blog design. Looks great!

  2. sunsail says:

    glocken–what?? Shoo, in pamana, that thing is called a Lira. I wanted to play it, but my mom said no. Instead, I had to march with the honor roll folks… poo.

  3. Cluizel says:

    Thanks Goodnapps. lol…hey…what can I say? lolSunsail – poo…honor students got to march?

  4. Brenda says:

    Wow, Cluizel! You’re a whole quarter century! Sounds worse when you phrase it that way, doesn’t it??! Talk to me when you’re approaching the half century mark.

  5. Cluizel says:

    Ahhhh…quit saying it like that! lol. That’s the way all my friend say it…and they throw in the “quarter life crisis” hmmph…losers. 🙂

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