Sigh…counting down the hours

Counting down the hours to what? My retightening!!! Oh boy…do I NEED it. My hair is not doing ANYTHING I want it to. lol. I have hair just randomly standing on my head at all times. I feel like this will be a long session Saturday.

Here are some before/11 month pics. Hopefully my hair will look different after Saturday.

Oh…and please note the amount of new growth!

Jeez…thank goodness for the flash…I haven’t seen my scalp in a minute!


One day in life I will start styling…but my hair just seems too short…I feel like it would look crazy. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Sigh…counting down the hours

  1. KimT says:

    your hair actually looks good. i have a friend who has these and her hair just keeps getting better. Looking forward to the update.

  2. Bygbaby says:

    I got my locks tightened about 3 weeks ago & need to go back already! I am trying to stick it out for about 1 more month though. Gotta watch my funds.

  3. cheleskilove says:

    you gotta lot of hair. do you think it will hurt?or are you hard headed?and you look like you have teenagers that want to do their own thing,too…how fun that is(yeh, right)

  4. sunsail says:

    OOOOOh, yeah, you need a retightening!!! Your hair DOES look awesome, though. What are your ends doing?

  5. Cluizel says:

    Kimt – Thanks for coming by! Kick your shoes off and make yourseld comfy! lol. ThanksBygbaby – Gotta love the hair growth in warm weather…just don’t like what it does to my pocket.Cheleskilove – If I was anything like this with my Mom when I was a teenager she deserves a medal! I am just trying to enjoy this phase…knowing me I will probably miss it.I am not tender headed so retightenings don’t bother me.Sunsail – Lol…yeah, I am overdue. My retightening intervals will have to change in the summer. Gracias…some of the ends are sealing…but some are still curly on the ends. Three cheers for having a bunch of different textures on your head! (boo!)

  6. muslimahlocs says:

    your hair looks so healthy despite all of that obvious lint (lol)

  7. sunsail says:

    oooh, muslimah, that was a low blow!! lol!!!

  8. Cluizel says:

    Hey! lol. Blame my Mom…she made it sound like my hair was snowing. lol. Silly parents.

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