A Marathon?!?

So…my friend J (who ALWAYS keeps busy) told me he was running a marathon in San Francisco in October. I was confused because J lives in Atlanta…so I asked him why he was going all the way to San Francisco. Then he told me it was for Team in Training and I should look at their website.

Ok…::click click:: there is a chapter in my area…::click click:: Oh! There is a meeting coming up…

Long story short…sign up to go to informational.

Get there…ok…sounds cool…wait…I have to raise how much?!? Part of me wanted to walk out before the presentation even started, because I HATE asking for money…even if its for a good cause. (I am doing the NY AIDS Walk this Sunday and I just gonna come out of pocket rather than ask people…so sad) But, DANG I sat too far in the room I can’t slip out. BLAH!

So I sit through a video…listen to the coaches and the next thing I know I signed up to walk/run a marathon in San Francisco!!! What?!?

On the way home I had this nice warm fuzzy feeling because not only was I going to TRY and raise money for a good cause, I would be helping myself in the process…they train your for these events…so I will have a team to train with and 4 coaches…so its like free personal training for a good cause. Because 26.2 miles with no help?!? yeah…no

Then I thought about my friend David and I realized I would dedicate my walk to him. The last few years of his life battling cancer he always tried to get me to take better care of myself. So…this would be a good 2 for 1 deal, raise money for a good cause so great people like David won’t have to suffer, and get myself in shape.

So now…I have to raise $3,800 to walk in the marathon…I was hoping I could get some advice from fellow bloggers about how to go about this. I already decided I am going to tell my family that I don’t want any birthday gifts. I would rather have them donate to this. And luckily I have bounced from job to job a lot 🙂 so I can send emails to my old coworkers that love me…but how do you fund raise when you don’t like asking people for money?


8 thoughts on “A Marathon?!?

  1. Mali says:

    Hmmmmm. Well, you could always make up some little trinket bags with inexpensive items in them as a gesture of thank you for the donation. OR (I just looked this up as I was typing) go to http://www.fundraising.com for some items to sell for a cause. It’s definitely better to have something that people want in exchange for their money so that they won’t be just completely empty handed! HTH!

  2. clu! i’m so proud of you!! san fran?!?! frisco!? get it girl! its such a win-win sitch!as for raising money? i’ve never liked that is either.

  3. KimT says:

    Hi, I am a new reader of your blog. Its been great. Thinking of getting sisterlocks. Anyway, believe it or not, you can use this blog to raise money. You can even set up a blog specifically for your fundraiser and training and attach a Paypal Account to it. That way, your readers can donate to your cause.

  4. Bygbaby says:

    Damn 26.2 miles! My ankle started hurting just thinking about that. LOL3800 is a bit to raise in the time frame so I hope you got some paid white friends.BTW, I think you dedication to the walk is AWESOME. David would be proud.I just read the post you did on him & that not was saddening but I he is not suffering anymore & probably in a much better place.I suggest you do some type of paypal donation thing, or you can make some type of cool craft item & sale them to get you finds. Whatever the case, I got 5 on it.Peace,Bygbaby

  5. sunsail says:

    I feel you. I wonder if the shyness when asking for money is a cancer trait?? 🙂 I have no words of wisdom. I stopped doing fundraisers because I dislike raising money so much. Now, I just have $$ withdrawn from my account every month to children international (becasue black girls in africa got it tough) and the ALS foundation (my grandmother died of complications from ALS). You are doing the walk for the right reasons, though. You might be pleasantly surprised at what may come your way! Definitely put a paypal link or something on your blog.

  6. BlaqKofi says:

    Like you I absolutely HATE raising or asking for $$$. While I don’t have any advice on fund raising, I am a lifelong athelete and former runner. You will be amazed at what you can do and how your body will improve with the training. And just think, you won’t have to worry about sweatin’ yo hair out! (smile)

  7. Cluizel says:

    Thanks everyone! I am gonna just suck it up and try! 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hello Cluizel,How wonderful that you’re doing a marathon. I just completed my first one on June 3, and I was with TNT too. What a wonderful experience!!! As far as the fundraising, begin early – like now. Since my marathon was in San Diego and I live in Long Beach, I was responsible for $2400.00 I ended up not meeting my full financial goal by the cut-off, so my credit card was charged for the balance. The good news is that donations continued to come in even after the race, and I raised $2530. My reimbursement is being processed. I sent letters to family, friends, co-workers past and present, church folks, and neighbors. I was surprised by the responses. Like you, I don’t like asking for $$ either. There were people who made promises, but didn’t follow through, and I didn’t hound them. People from whom I didn’t expect a lot surprised me the most. I was appreciative of any amount. Something else I did was go to a grocery warehouse and buy snack items to sell at work (I work with people who eat, eat, eat). I spent $60 and made over $200. Race day was very exciting, and I don’t think I’ve come down from the high yet. There were 17,000 participants in the race, and over 4,000 TNT racers all in our purple shirts. Let me know when you get your website set up, I will definitely make a donation. My email address is boss_laydee@msn.com. Like I said, you can do it – I’m living proof!!Good luck to you!Marilyn

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