Wasted trip to Brooklyn…


So, I decided Friday that I was going to color my locks that were linty. I was just thinking maybe I would dye the few rows that need help and then problem would be solved. Hmmm…Khumura probably doesn’t dye hair…ok…lets look at natural shops.

So I settled on Khamit Kinks in Brooklyn…Leighann and Brunsli visited the salon when it was located in Manhattan so it was a name that I remembered…but they have moved. Grrr….Brooklyn?!? Jeez…fine…whatever.

So I call and they say I can just show up for a consultation…ok whatever…hop on the train and head to Brooklyn from work.

Now the shop is BEAUTIFUL…very nice. And what I will say next…hate to sound extra negative since they never touched my hair…but this is just what happened.

Walk in…

Front Desk Person (still not sure if they are a stylist as well): Hi, may I help you
Tired Cluizel: Hi! Yes…I am here for a consultation
FDP: Ok…you can look thru our books ::pointing to a table:: of styles so you can decide what you want

**Ok…at this point I was confused…look at books for what? Oh…ok**

FDP: ::turns to a stylist with Sisterlocks:: Do you have time for a consultation?
SWS: ::sucks teeth…doesn’t answer…obviously not pleased::

**WHOA…I am not trying to sound like a witch but do you always act that way with potential clients?!?**

SWS: Ok…::approaches me:: You have Sisterlocks?

**Whoa x 2…Jeez…was she just asking to confirm or did she not know?!?**

TC: Yes
SWS: Ok… ::starts playing in my head::

I can skip over our interaction…eventually she complimented my hair…told me I needed a retightening and said not to worry about the lint because the bottom row will always be a little linty.

Cool…so that calmed me down…or else I would have been annoying anyone who would listen about my lint until I see Khumura.

She did seem a little surprised when I didn’t want to have her maintain my hair and I just wanted her to dye it…but now that I don’t need that…you won’t be touching it at all. 🙂 Even if I have to travel…I would only let Paulette or Khumura touch my hair.

So…to be nice, I decide to get my hair washed and I try to set up an appointment

FDP: So you would like a wash?
TC: Yes
FDP: Do you have locks?

**EXCUSE ME?!? I HOPE she is new…like just started today and is blind in one eye…what?!?**

TC: Yes
FDP: Traditionals or Sisterlocks?

**WHAT?!? Ok…so you know the different types of locks…there goes any hope I had that she was new**

I think I answered Sisterlocks…found a way to get out of the shop without making an appointment…and I shall not return. lol.

So initially I thought maybe my hair was just not lock looking that day?!? Oh…oh no…because the very next day when I was in Harlem…before I even stepped out of the train station, hair braiders were approaching me to see if they could twist my locks (wait…I don’t have traditionals) and I got a lot of comments/compliments about my locks…so yeah…my hair looks like locks.


Only good thing from my trip was that I am leaving the linty locks alone. I am buying a Sharpie like Brenda and Brunsli suggested and I shall keep it moving


12 thoughts on “Wasted trip to Brooklyn…

  1. sunsail says:

    you know, some people just ask some dumb questions just to have soemthing to say/hear the sound of their own voice. Geez. and this was a NATURAL salon taht you went to?? hmph.

  2. Madam says:

    Sharpie…LOL…well, it would work though. And they have the mini’s so you can retouch on the go, lolNEVER…EVER…EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER…go back to that place again. They definitely are a “pretty face with no brains”

  3. Chi-chi says:

    Ok. . .You’re a natural hair salon that maintains locks. You see people everyday with locks. . .Am I missing something here? Luckily you escaped without being sucked further into losing your money due to the confusion. I have red lint on my “back locks” from my scarf in the winter as well. my consultant picks them out for me (:. . .she’s spoiled me. that and they’re in the back and i dont have to look at them. i’m down with the sharpie idea.

  4. Mali says:

    This post had me laughing. You’re funny! Boy there are some dumb-azz people in the world!

  5. Bygbaby says:

    You know after I head SWS suck those teeth, I would have said forget it.I hate when people you are potentially about to pay act like you are doing them a favor by coming to them.Luckily, I have not had any lint drama. Good luck with yo’ sharpieBygbaby

  6. Goodnapps says:

    Wow! What an interesting experience for a shop that specializes in locks. Wish I could be more surprised at the less than stellar customer service.

  7. Cluizel says:

    Lol…I’m glad I posted about this. Originally I wasn’t going to but Brunsli suggested that I do. Hmm…Sunsail – isn’t it sad?!?Madam – lol. I was thinking about the mini’s. The horrible thing is I can’t even see the lint so I will have to get someone else to do it. lolChi-chi – Hopefully Khumura can work some magic next week and get the lint out…SS is a quitter and I don’t think she really tried.Mali – It’s sad…and funny at the same time. lolBygbaby – I am the same way…in my head I was like “Ok…no thank you” That is so rude.Goodnapps – I know! Luckily there are a lot of options in NY…I would be so mad if that was the only consultant in the area. lol. I’d be flying to Detroit every few weeks. lol

  8. oh hell naw. on allllll levels!

  9. cheleskilove says:

    see, that’s the type of crap that keps me out of the salons.someone else will have a great experience..but no, not I!yep, sharpe is the best bet. i keeps one on standby.lol!!!! your locks are happier that you didnt dye them, im sure. now, let me get to work. thanks for the blog lock loveHU I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT(event thouh i think the cafeteria plan is stupid and if VC was good enough for us to eat in, they dont need not dern multicenter muliplex food court,shoot they;re college students! sacrifice somethin’ we only had one dern public phone on the hall…im old school, gotta keep it real. i send money-but not for that..ok, im done venting)

  10. Cluizel says:

    Stace – Ain’t that some ol b/s?!?Cheleskilove – one public phone in the hall?!? I would have died. I think the cafeteria is excessive when school buildings are leaking. Its just for show…as usual. I had so much fun in the VC cafe…first they get rid of The Grill now this…Yeah…no shops for me. And Sharpie is my new best friend! Good thing my hair really is almost black.

  11. muslimahlocs says:

    even more confirmation for me to stay away form salons!

  12. Cluizel says:

    Yes! Stay away…they are evil! lol

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