Ok…so about a year ago I had this BAD set of kinky twists in my head…(How do you mess those up?!?)

Back in October of 2005 after I got back from HU’s homecoming…I decided that I was NOT relaxing my hair anymore. At the time I had no idea what sisterlocks were…so I decided I would just get kinky twists…grow my hair out, chop and lock. (I should copyright that before someone puts a beat to it and makes a song out of it ::rolls eyes::)

But then I found Sisterlocks! Thank goodness for the Internet!!! because when I was locked…I had not seen Sisterlocks in person…I was just going off of pictures. (Thank you Paulette)

I found these pics I took the morning after my installation…impatient friends harassed me until I took pics with my camera phone.

I was locked two days after my 24th birthday…so next month it will be a year with Sisterlocks! Hmmm…since I discovered Sisterlocks in mid-May 2006…what has changed?


1. I am at my 3rd company. lol. They say my generation will have no issues bouncing from job to job if they’re not happy…I guess they’re right, lol. In August, I left mid-sized insurance company in the Midwest to come to ginormous insurance company in NYC, and now I am at utility company in NYC. How many interviews have I been on since I have had Sisterlocks?!? 7 for my 3rd rotation that I didn’t take, 4 different companies when I wanted to come to NY, 3 to get this job…ok…14 interviews with locks… Excuse me…what was that you said about locks being unprofessional? 🙂

2. Well…I am back in NY. YEAH! When I graduated college I NEVER thought I would want to come back…hmm…never say never

3. Mr. Nicolay Phonte! He’s so fly…I LOVE owning a dog.

4. I realized how ignorant some of my male friends are. My goodness…its not like I quit my corporate job and ran off into the woods to raise ferrets…I locked my hair. The things you find out about people…

5. I haven’t lost any weight! lol. Wait…that’s not funny.

6. All of my skin care products are all natural and from black owned companies…now if only I would stop eating garbage.

7. I don’t wear high heels anymore! Like not at all…I think I still own a few pairs…maybe…but yeah, no. WHen I was interviewing for my job in NYC I was wearing heels…somehow all the walk/running around Manhattan…the shoe cut my foot! Then I go to the doctor…an infection?!? Excuse me? Nah…I’m good. I don’t need to elongate anything anyway…I’m 6’1, my legs are long enough…

Yeah…I think that’s enough.

Picture comparison to follow in a month…after my (gag) birthday…

I don’t want to turn 25…and you can’t make me!!!


11 thoughts on “BLAH!

  1. sunsail says:

    lol!!! Well, you can stay perpetually 25, like someone we both know… but I ain’t namin’ no names…

  2. brunsli says:

    I love the list! Who knew so much could happen in a year?The sooner you turn 25, the sooner you can turn 26!—Who is Sunsail talking about?

  3. Cluizel says:

    Hmmm…I wonder…maybe Creyole? :)Everyone says my its cause I’m in my early 20’s. (BLAH!) Poo…and that is just the list of stuff I want to share with whoever stumbles across my blog…oh its longer (sigh)Everyone I have talked to that is older than I am said they wouldn’t go back to their 20’s again if someone paid them. lol. Jeez…thanks guys…

  4. Bygbaby says:

    Damn you came back with major posts. I think people are crazy sometimes. It trips me out on how people react to things that one does for self satisfaction & they trip. I have many related stories.I wish I could co back to 25, that was a good year for me.Bygbaby

  5. Cluizel says:

    I am an extremist! I disappear for a month and then *BAM* 20 posts in 3 days. lol. Maybe one day I will find a happy medium.Sigh…23 and 24 have been wishy washy (probably because of Fort Wayne)…Maybe I will stay 23 until I get a year I like. lol.All of my friends are turning 25 like grown men and women…sigh…maybe I’ll do it tooMaybe

  6. ayankha says:

    another good one! it is so funny that you put that copyright because when i frist read it i was reading it to the beat of the popular hip hop song it sounds like! lol. you are 6’1″!!!!! you don’t really have to worry about heels. i (in all of my 5’1.5″ glory) on the other hand can not go a week without wearing a pair. even if i don’t go out, i am known for cleaning & vacuuming in them. the only time i get realistic, is when riding that subway. it is tennis shoes or 1 of my 3 pairs of dreadful flats – you never know when you gotta run to catch the train. anyway, i am so glad that you are back to writing!

  7. Brenda says:

    Girl – turning 25 doesn’t hurt! When asked, I admit to my age – I figure I’ve earned every single year! And I’m one who, if absolutely made to pick an age I’d go back to, wouldn’t pick one less than 35. And I’d have to be able to go back with everything I know now! Happy early birthday – it gets better!

  8. Cluizel says:

    Ayankha – Lol. “Pop lock and drop it” gag comes to mind. Most of my gf’s in college were 5’1…the only time I ever caught them without heels on was to go to the gym. lol.Brenda – Poo to 25. Thanks!

  9. guys are ignorant but “not like i’m in the forest raising ferrets” took the cake!! LMAO!

  10. Cluizel says:

    You know how I do Stacey-poo!OH SHIT! That rhymes! lol

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