Life with Mr. Nicolay Phonte

sunsail said…
You gotta do a post on what it’s like living with/training Mr. Phonte!! I’m getting a puppy in July, and I’m also single, and I would like your insight as to how your life has changed, how training is working out for you, etc, etc.

Congratulations on deciding to get a puppy! I think a puppy is a great little homey for a single female!

Life with Mr. Nicolay Phonte…where to begin…hmm…maybe a list?

1. Someone is always happy to see you – Mr. NP either has short term memory or he just really loves me…whether I am gone 20 minutes or 10 hours I get the same welcome when I walk in the door.

I got him into a bad habit…I pick him up and he likes to walk around my head twice (always twice!)…and if I were to ever lose grip of him it would be a VERY long drop to the floor (almost 6 ft) not a good thing…

2. My own personal alarm clock and security system. Well maybe not security system…maybe more like an alert system. lol. Because lets be real…a 4 lb dog can bark his head off if he hears someone at the door…not sure how much attacking he could really do. The alarm clock thing is cool…except for the weekends. I don’t always want to wake up and feed him at 6:30am…but he is used to his schedule. Only good thing is once I feed him I can go back to sleep. So that is one major change…I haven’t slept past 8 am since I got the dog

3. I take him EVERYWHERE with me. (The pic is him in Manhattan in his new army carrier. lol) And since he is so small and adorable…no one has had any opposition. I never bring him into places where they serve food…but everywhere else is ok. But, I do live in NY where EVERYONE owns a dog…

4. Puppies sleep ALOT. I used to feel so guilty about leaving him at home for so many hours a day…but on the weekend I get to see how much he really sleeps…and he sleeps alot! Almost like a cat! So don’t worry about your potential puppy when you are at work…just keep lots of toys around.

5. House breaking SUCKS! I have never mopped so much in my life!!! I don’t know if he is just being stubborn (Yorkies are known for being stubborn) or he is just dumb 🙂 but jeez!!! After 4 months I am FINALLY seeing a light at the end of the tunnel but we still have incidents.

Nicolay is pad training…my main beef with him is that he will put his front paws on the pad and think that is sufficient…hmm no boo boo…the important parts are still off the pad. A for effort, F for execution. But…he does gets credit…we can be in the living room and he will get up and trot to the back of the house where his bathroom is and then come back…so he KNOWS what he is supposed to do…

6. He is like it little child!!! Wow…he whines like a baby, he will have little temper tantrums…but considering he is only 4lbs its nothing too crazy. This may just be Yorkie specific…but if he doesn’t want to do something…he’s not gonna do it (but its ok…just pick them up! lol)

Just yesterday we were going for a walk…he saw some people and he wanted to say hi (he ALWAYS wants to say hi to everyone!) I tugged on the leash to let him know it was time to go…do you know this fool laid down in the middle of the street and refused to move until the people were close enough and he could say hi?!? Temper tantrum much?

7. OH wait! Nicolay forces me to talk to people more…which can be a good or bad thing. Good because I am not an outgoing person so its nice to have an adorable conversation starter. I have met ALOT of great people because of Mr. NP…Bad because sometimes people are rude. People just come out of their faces and ask me how much I paid for my dog! I talked to Brunsli about this before…I CANNOT stand that. I love NY, but lets be real…I am in NYC…fools are crazy and I don’t want someone to try and knock me down and take my dog. People, wait complete strangers, asking me how much I paid for my dog is uncomfortable and annoying. So just be prepared…if you get a small dog…people are gonna do that.

So…basically…I LOVE having a puppy. He was expensive at first (vaccinations and neutering) but his food isn’t expensive (he doesn’t eat much) and unless you want to buys toys and clothes its not that bad after the first few months.

How can you say no to this face?!? lol


11 thoughts on “Life with Mr. Nicolay Phonte

  1. sunsail says:

    OOOOh, thanks for posting cluizel!! Mr. NP is soooooo adorable!! I think it’s funny that he has a personality and throws tantrums. Whodda thunk??I once read once that there aren’t any bad pets, just bad owners… so kudos to you in your determination at house training. so on that note, I have couple more questions. You can bop me upside the head if I’m being too nosy. 1. I’ve read up on both pad traning and training a dog to go outside to potty. Are they mutually exclusive? is pad traning temporary? I don’t have a yard with a doggie door where they can just let themselves out… 2. Do you see him during the day, or only in the morning before work and in the afternoons after work? 3. Have you ever not spent a night at home? What do you do then? does someone watch NP? I spend about half my time at the count’s house… i don’t want to put it on my roomie to look after him. 3. Have you taken NP to obedience classes or something? are you training him?Ok, thanks for taking the time to humor me!! 🙂

  2. brunsli says:

    I hope I can meet Mr. NP when I come to NY in September!!

  3. Cluizel says:

    Sunsail – Nicolay is a little person. SO funny, when he is annoyed and he doesn’t get his way he makes little noise…like you can just tell he’s pissed off. lol. He makes me laugh ALL the time.1. I am pad training him forever. lol. I am not going to be walking a dog in the snow. Some people start off on the pad until the dog is fully vaccinated and then try to move it outside. Nicolay is so small and I am so lazy…he’ll just use a pad. I am trying to get him to realize he can poo outside…because now our walks are just nice little leisure walks to him.2. I only see him in the morning and after work. I have a 45 minute commute (gag) but if I lived closer I would SOOO be with him during lunch too. SO he is at home for maybe 10 hours a day? I started waking up earlier to spend more time with him in the morning though.3. Have I spent a weekend away since I got him? Oh yeah…I have. Hmmm…since my parents are so close, they get the joy of babysitting alot. I dunno howmuch he would like me being away for 10 hours at work and then being gone all night. They few times I drag myself in at 3 or 4 am he always wakes up and follows me around. I dunno…he might follow around your roommmate since dogs are very social…4. We did an obedience class…I didn’t really care for it…I could have taught him everything I learned…it wasn’t anything special. All you need is some paitence, a good training book and some treats.Brunsli – YEAH! Your coming to NY?!? Sure you can meet Mr. NP! Hopefully Marcello and Chicco won’t be jealous. 🙂

  4. sunsail says:

    Thanks for the answers! I feel a lot better now, especially about the indoors potty thing. I just need to find a babysitter… hmmm. Oh, please let me know when/if y’all are getting together! I’m only a hop, skip, and jump away, and I’ve been itching for a good reason to go to the big apple! Surely meeting Mr. NP, Brunsli, and yourself is good?? 🙂

  5. Tra says:

    Very good post on NP. I love small dogs and researched several of them with the same fervor that I did SL’s (lol). When I had my toy poo we spent 10 hours a day awa from her as well. She was always super hyped to see us come home and she held her potty for the whole time. She weighs about 7 to 8lbs so I am sure bladder was stronger than NP’s. Hang in there though he will come around before he hits 1 year. With children it takes much longer than that (lol).I do have a question for you though. Did you have to “interview” with your breeder? Did they ask you how many hours a day the puppy would be alone? Alot of breeders have qualifying forms etc. and that questio is always on the form. Of course they make you feel really bad if you want a dog and you work full time…geesh!

  6. Cluizel says:

    Lol…I never thought about it like that…kids do take a lot longer. That put it in perspective. lol.Some breeders are insane…I got my dog from a “pet store”…it is own and run by breeders and they have a few vets on staff…they were understanding that people can be good pet owners and work full time. How are you supposed to pay for these dogs if you don’t have a damn job?!? lol. Crazy people… 🙂

  7. Cluizel says:

    Oh…and everyone (Yorkie owners) all scream “daycare daycare!”…so I tried it…He didn’t like it! The daycare had a webcam and he looked miserable. Great…save my money and stay home and sleep. 🙂

  8. Cluizel says:

    Ooohhh…Brunsli, Sunsail and Mr. NP?!?:)

  9. puppies and their tantrums!!! russ used to pout!! he’d huff and puff with his raggedy lil attitude like a 2 year old!!! NP is tooooo cute! i LOVE that he trots to his pad!!

  10. Peajai says:

    Seriously, a daycare for your dog? I have never heard of a such! I want to little puppy so badly, but I haven’t gotten one because I work full-time (sometimes 11 hours a day) and I live alone. I often spend nights and/or full weekends at my boyfriends apt (who lives an hour away), and there is no way I would try to sneak a dog in past the security guards. He would get evicted if they found out I was sneaking in a dog. I don’t necessarily want to drop my dog off somewhere everytime I leave the house, but at the same time I feel like if you leave a dog alone for so many hours, they will feel abandoned and turn on you! When you say you take your dog “everywhere” do you mean like to the mall and grocery stores and everywhere??

  11. Cluizel says:

    Yup…we work too hard up here. lol. I am away from home for probably 10 or 11 hours. Mr. NP sleeps alot so its okYeah…everywhere except places that involve food and the gym. He goes shopping with me and everything.Nicolay hasn’t “turned” on my yet…I am sure he is just sleeping.

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