Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…how could this have happened to me?!? Don’t I love you?!? Why don’t you love me?!?

Goodness! Ok…sorry yall…you know I can be dramatic! πŸ™‚

So my bottom row of locks is pretty jacked up when it comes to lint. I don’t know where all of this mess comes from? Well actually, that’s a lie…I can think of 2 sweaters and a blanket that contributed to this.

SO now what? After I annoyed SS into trying to pick out the lint…I called Khumura. So now I have 3 options… (sigh)

1. Take some undiluted Dr. Bronner’s and a toothbrush…scrub the lock and that should lossen up the lint
2. Take the locks out and start again
3. Dye my hair.

Ok…so 3 is NOT even an option. I have NEVER dyed my hair before and I am not starting now.

Option 1 is ok…I tried it on one lock last night…and SS was able to pick out a lot of lint that she wasn’t able to get before. So…since it is only maybe 10 locks (out of 535!) that are affected…I will try this first. Work on a few locks everyday and see if it gets better… it will just take time…and paitence

Some locks…yeah…will probably be taken out before my next retightening…hopefully the Dr. Bronners/tweezer/pin combination will work…but if not…its whatever. I would be lying if after 11 months I am not slightly annoyed about taking out some locks…but I refuse to walk around all linty!!!

Sorry…these are camera phone pics.

The linty locks aren’t visible now the way I wear it everyday…but I am anal…and one day in life I will want to wear my hair up…and those locks will REALLY stick out.

See…you can’t even see them when you look at the back of my big head! πŸ™‚

Now to attack the source of the lint… Perhaps the satin pillow case alone isn’t enough…time to investigate head coverings…

(Next post: Puppy update…I saw your comment Sunsail!) πŸ™‚


I am going to take out the 10-15 linty locks and just start over again. (AHHHH…I will have some loose hair!) I will have to buy some conditioner (because I do not even own any now) and get to picking. I will just try to pick out a lock or two a night so they will all be ready when I get retightened May 26th.

I bought a Loc Soc and I will start sleeping with that…I also bought a lint roller for the office and a hand mirror. lol. To be a black female with locks in Corporate America…

Ugh…Thank goodness for SS…how was I supposed to see that?!? Khumura would have told me in a few weeks but dang…what is a single girl to do?


9 thoughts on “I HAVE LINT!!!

  1. Brenda says:

    I notice you didn’t say “get rid of the sweaters!” as a solution. Goodnapps had the same problem a while ago and she decided that whenever she wore those sweaters, she’d make sure she pulled her hair up. But also, how about a marker? Others have said they had success with that.

  2. Cluizel says:

    Poo…I need sweaters to live! lol. It seems like my favorite clothes/blankets are really lint-y. I love sweatshirt hoodies (lint) and sweaters (lint)…luckily I will be lint free in the summer months.Thanks! I looked @ Goodnapps post that linked to a Leighann post…I am out to buy a purse size lint roller right now! :)I don’t know why I didn’t notice this before now ::pout pout::

  3. sunsail says:

    Well, I’m sure that you’ve read by now that my consultant took down one of my locks… surprisingly, i wasn’t too torn up about it. My beef is that I can’t see the lint myself to take it out… i have not problem gooming myself– if i could see what i was doing. the count is no help in that dept. all he says is, looks fine… mmmrghBout time you posted!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Cluizel says:

    Sunsail…ohmigoodness…I saw that! What’s really going on with these lint issues?!?But I’m good…I bought a lint roller for the office and a hand mirror.I never knew I had lint in my bottom row until SS looked for me. How are you supposed to see that?!? I don’t own that many mirrors.:)

  5. Creyole says:

    Have not had the lint problem but taking down the lock may be your best option since they are still babdies.Be careful girlfriend!

  6. Cluizel says:

    Creyole, we must be thinking the same thing…I decided last night to just take out a lock or two a night so I can just start all over again when I get retightened on the 26th. Poo…picking and poking at the lock so much poo…just start over again…

  7. ayankha says:

    good luck with that. i can’t imagine taking down that many. i am sure it’ll work out for hte best!

  8. Mali says:

    Hi Cluizel!It’s funny that you mention lint. I am in the process of taking down ALL of my too-large locks to start over (I’ll be driving to Detroit to have the wonderful Paulette install them) and of course the first row I picked out was the bottom row. OH MY GOD. It was about 50% lint! I was appalled! Especially when I was completely oblivious to it! So second time around, I will be very cautious with that bottom row of locks so it doesn’t happen again or at least is minimized! Thank God it was just my very bottom row and no higher.Your hair is looking beautiful, btw!

  9. Mali says:

    Hi Cluizel! It’s me again. I saw that you commented on my blog and I wanted to respond and suggest that you should probably take them down. Your pick-out should not take as long as mine because your hair isn’t as long as mine. Just take down 2 or 3 night and it won’t be such a daunting task. I, on the other hand need to pick mine out for hours at a time so that I have them out before June 2nd. I’m getting nervous because I’ve got so much more left (takes long, annoyed sigh!) Okay, sorry for taking up so many kilobytes on your blog! And thanks for visiting mine! πŸ˜€

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