I refuse to say anything…

Besides the comments on others blogs…I found this article

and that is all…

UPDATE: And I found this one

I just don’t know anymore.


6 thoughts on “I refuse to say anything…

  1. Damn, that is on point.

  2. Bygbaby says:

    You know I am old as hell & so far this week, I have heard the term nappy headed more that I have in my life.I am know having nightmares of being chased & beaten by naps.If I head 5 cents for every time someone said nappy headed hoe (including myself) I would have enough to get my locks retightened.Peace,Bygbaby

  3. Madam says:

    **rolls eyes**

  4. I am sick of the whole “nappy-headed hoes” debauchery. Them being called nappy-headed is insane considering not one of them actually had nappy-hair.Anywhoo,i did not get a chance to post on “Lock envy”, but moms SLs are looking fabulous. I am still a huge fan of your funky short SLs though. I can;t wait to achieve that short look…………………

  5. sunsail says:

    Hey babe, I lifted the -1+1 from your blog. Great idea!

  6. sunsail says:

    Michelle, you gotta do a post on what it’s like living with/training Mr. Phonte!! I’m getting a puppy in July, and I’m also single, and I would like your insight as to how your life has changed, how training is working out for you, etc, etc.

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