Lock Envy

Sigh…for some reason I looked at SS’s hair today…and it looked different. Its not like I don’t see her all the time…but today it looked lock-ey. lol. It is so special that I have more locks than Mom but hers are WAY smaller than mine. Who knew there would be such a difference from Mother to daughter? Never would have guessed.

So…we had an impromtu photo shoot.

SS can go first…

She had her retightening today…but these were taken pre-Khumura. lol. Her scalp isn’t SO visible after retightenings anymore, but it still is. Her hair isn’t thin or anything…I think my lock envy (only lasted for like 10 seconds, don’t get it twisted. lol) was that not only are her locks CRAZY thin…her hair is still full.

Now me…

Yeah…that’s me…and of course Mr. NP. Can you believe we only started locking 2 and a half months apart? This much variation between Mother and Daughter? But its cool, because we both got what we wanted…she likes my locks the way they are but she prefers them smaller, and I personally wouldn’t want my locks that thin.

She washes her hair more often then I do…we both use Dr. Bronners and then…yeah…nothing else. We both freestyle 100% of the time and use no other products.

No complaints…hair growing…locking…no slippage…no bunching…nothing crazy 🙂


7 thoughts on “Lock Envy

  1. Bygbaby says:

    I wish I could say I had no slippage. I am three years in & still have a problem patch of problems locks.Looking good!

  2. cheleskilove says:

    well,you know i love your thick locks….when they are long like a lion’s mane you will be even more in love with them!

  3. ummmmm, i’m soooooo feeling yours WAAAAAAAAY more. I like the pencil girth of yours Clu

  4. Tra says:

    I think you will surprised by how compact your locks will become with more time and length. It is good that you are both completely satisfied with what you have. That is a great thing and it is still eluding me (lol).

  5. sunsail says:

    under pain of death, i must be brave and compliment SS’s locks…*ok michelle, pleeeeeze don’t hurt me!!!*Hehe. Yours will get skinnier too, I bet!! 🙂

  6. Zaharah says:

    Hi Micheelle! Girl, you have been blessed with a really full, healthy head of hair. Your locks are maturing really nicely.It’s so amazing to see the wonderful transformation that’s taking place with SS’s locks. They’re really thickening up and starting to look more like mature locks. Truly beautiful and definitely an inspiration for me.Thank you both. :o)

  7. Zaharah says:

    If Nicolay Phonte isn’t just the C-U-T-E-S-T most ADORABLE little thing I’ve ever seen! With a little face like that, he deserves to be spoiled and act like a divo. lol

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