I’m here!

I think I fell into “lurking” mode for a while…I will hopefully get out of it soon, but there isn’t really much hair related to say. I don’t have anything hair related to report…its just minding its business. The “hey…nothing happened…its still here” posts get tired after a while. Oh wait…nevermind…I got something.

I started my new job Friday…I was the only female in my orientation group (big contrast to when I got to my new department of 10 with only one man) of 7…4 men named Tony (lol) me, and two other guys. One of the other guys had these gorgeous locks! We got along really well, and eventually I just had to compliment his locks. He informed me that they didn’t use any product to start his locks…just a lemon and water. Hmmm…the things you find out after the fact. Kinda cool that the 2 black people in orientation both had locks. (Did I mention I love NY?)

I was in Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend looking around…I guess my hair was looking kinda rough because it had been 8 weeks since my last tightening…but I like it that way. As long as I’m not combing my hair and I can still come to work and not get fired I’m good. So I am looking at an air popper and these men are walking past…one looks at me and says:

“Rasta girl!”

Hmmm…interesting…I know I don’t style my locks…sometimes I don’t even make sure they aren’t standing on top of my head…wow…guess nappy is nappy, sisterlocks or not?

I would be lying if I said my retightenings are fun. They take HOURS and I am dreading taking over and doing my own…BLAH!…luckily I enjoy spending time with Khumura…but WOW…damn…thank goodness its only once every 8 weeks. DAMN 6 hours…530+ locks…thats like a minutes and half per lock…bleh ha! No buyers remore…just a sore butt..

Oh! And I got to meet Onyxcherry! She came by during my retightening so Khumura could check her progress on retightening on her own. It’s cool meeting fellow bloggers…its weird…its like you know them…but not really. lol. She hung out for a while and we all chatted.

Not like they matter! But the people who hated my hair are starting to come around. Which is always nice to know that your support system doesn’t hate the direction you chose to take in life, but its nice to have people in your corner.

And I am getting so annoyed of everyone asking me when I am going to take my locks out. DIDN’T I JUST GET THEM?!? wtf? Prior to locking I either 1. Had extensions or 2. Wore my hair in a nasty snatch-back (lol…ponytail)…and I did that because it took a while for me to get the (excuse me) balls to lock my hair…ugh…leave me alone. Its like…”oh that’s cute for now…but when are you coming back?” NEVER NEGRO…back up. lol. Shoot…when are you coming back?

ok…I am done.

But yeah…hair isn’t doing anything interesting…not curing diseases or inventing high heels that don’t hurt…just growing and locking. I may add some pics at some point…but they’ll just look like the last ones I put up except a little longer. lol

Damn…I guess I did have something to say? đŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “I’m here!

  1. Carmen In NC says:

    530 locks. At first I felt bad and sorta bamboozled when I ended up with only 300+ locks. Everyone else had at least 400. I’m sure if she would have done them all the small size I would have had some 500 locks. But now after reading about retightening sessions lasting all day – I beginning to think my consultant had a serious plan in mind when doing a little over 300 locks on my hair. The plan – get this done quickly. It took her 2 1/2 hours to retighten.

  2. Cluizel says:

    yeah…it all depends on your hair type really. I have standard size Sl’s but I have way more locks than some people with smaller locks than me. My hair is just very dense and thick…that’s the thing with Sl’s, well…anything in life actually…you can’t compare yourself to anyone else…its never gonna be the same scenario.My old consultant could do my hair in 3 hours…Khumura just takes longer. But since my hair is fly (lol) and the retightenings are spaced so far apart (8 weeks) its a wash…

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