What are you?

A few months ago I posted about a coworker asking me my ancestry…unlike some blogger friends who can post about their history…mine stopped in North and South Carolina. It never really really bothered me (staying up at nights cursing the Transatlantic slave trade not getting any sleep) I just accepted that as a Black American I just wouldn’t know…

One day I was wandering around VH1.com trying to find some new internet radio station to get me through my day at work…I started a station and I heard a commercial for AfricanAncestry.com…they claimed they could help Black Americans trace their DNA back to present day African tribes.
Hmmmm…how much?…::click click:: Good Lord that’s a lot of money!…hmmm…well, if I do it then my Mom or Grandmother wouldn’t have to do it…and there’s a coupon for $100 off for Black History Month!”
You know black people love them some coupons! So I rationalized that 1. It’s a Valentine’s Day present and 2. My dog came with a pedigree sheet…shouldn’t I want to know if I can?
As usual…I make up my mind quickly and acted quickly…and my results FINALLY came today.

I was very impressed with the presentation!

Temne people of Sierra Leone…with 99.4% accuracy (99.4% of my Maternal DNA sequence is the same as sequences from the Temne in Sierra Leone today) Cool. I would want to test the Paternal lineage but…I’d have to get my brother to do it…and there isn’t a coupon anymore. lol

Do I have this heightened sense of clarity…like I suddenly know who I am after I read through my package?…no…but now I have some research to do.

Oh…and here is some hair!


11 thoughts on “What are you?

  1. Bygbaby says:

    AWESOME!!! I am happy that you completed this significant piece of your own puzzle.The presentation does look nice but why come they wrote you name in like that? (LOL).I hope by the time in August when I do mine a coupon will be available. I would have been all over that too.Have you shared the info with family yet, if so, what reaction did they have?Previously you could really go back in your family as far as N/S Carolina, so do you think that since you have an African link established, you will try to fill in more of the gaps of your puzzle?I just did a quick Google on your peeps & found this on Britannica “also spelled Temen or Timni group of some 1.6 million people of central and northwestern Sierra Leone who speak a language (also called Temne) of the Atlantic branch of the Niger-Congo family. The Temne are mainly farmers whose staple crop is rice, supplemented by peanuts (groundnuts), cotton, cassava, and millet; cash crops are palm kernels and kola nuts. Rice, cattle, and goats are also important.”Fascinating!!!

  2. Cluizel says:

    Lol…I am extra as all get out so I am sure it will not end here. lol.I told my Mom and she was excited she claims she would go to Africa with me (I always wanted to go since I have been to Europe, but I never knew where) but she will probably bail…she hates to anything fun. :)I will probably share the infor with the great aunts children at teh family reunion…since technically my test is gonan be applicable to a lot of family memebersOh and I also found this which made my heart hurt ” There the girls learn the secrets of womanhood, and undergo a clitoridectomy. ” EXCUSE ME! Maybe I won’t visit… (j/k)

  3. Bygbaby says:

    My cousins roommate’s (actually he is live in boy friend but this is another story) parents are from SL. I emailed him asking if he could provide info that I could share with you & this is what he told me:”Why certainly I know of the Temne tribe Tafari. The Temne tribe is one of the three major tribes in Sierra Leone. (Mende, Temne, and Krio) My father is Temne and this tribe is mainly populated in central Sierra Leone. Unfortunately for centuries the Mende and Temne have disputed over territory and right to leadership in Sierra Leone and some discriminate against one another to this day. They have their own dialect and many are located within the city of Makeni. Makeni is where my grandmother was a principal of a secondary school.”BTW his mother was circumcised. My cousin told him that if he visits his home land, no scissors or other sharp objects are coming near her cho-cha.Bygbaby

  4. Cluizel says:

    Lol. Thanks! That just is so wrong on so many levels to me. lol. Ouch…This is really cool…I’m not gonna do paternal…I don’t pass it on, and…yeah…that’s enough. lol

  5. Madam says:

    Now you haveme entertaining the thought. i think I’ll take it one step at a time though and get in touch with my paternal family first before I start searchign in Africa, lol

  6. sunsail says:

    Funny you should bring that up. I had one done last year from the National Geographic Genographic project. Long story short, It said taht my grandmama was probably Mitochondrial Eve (those of you who are into archaeology probably know who she is), and my peeps were from sub-saharan africa. Keep in mid were talking hundreds of thousands of years ago. Haplogroup L2, if you must know.Methinks if I had sent them a pic of myself, I would have been able to save myself the fee form them having to tell them I was from frakking africa. No shit, sherlock!!! lol!!

  7. Creyole says:

    Cluizel, I’m so happy for you! If you are anything like me you’ll be addicted to researching your history. It can get very interesting!!Big ups to Bygbaby for helping out, man, that’s what this online family is all about. Helping out each other…sniff, sniff!! Tissue please!Please keep us posted on any updates, I’m sure you’ll have some interesting finds!Creyole

  8. cheleskilove says:

    ive been wanting to do this…i keep deliberating about it. i wish i knew there was a coupon…your hair looks great..it amazes me how all locks no matter what the type, look different. do you have the small/large sl’s?

  9. Bygbaby says:

    @ Sunsail, you had me cracking up. shit everyone in the world should be basically traced to Mitochondrial Eve. I went have went down that & beat somebody’s ass especially if I paid something LOL.Creyole if only we as a people can master being “family” in real life, our community would be better off.Bygbaby

  10. brunsli says:

    The test results with mDNA are a little misleading. You get mDNA from your mom, who got it from her mom, who got it from her mom, etc. But, you have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-grandparents, 32 etc. By the time you get to the DNA of the tribe that’s being matched, you may be matching one ancestor out of 64,000. But, as long as you know that, it is cool to have a connection to our other cultures that have been robbed from us. What are you going to do with this information next?

  11. damn, that’s awesome! that is WONDERFUL to know from whence you came!! yay!

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